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Kratom is a herbal substance that is found in the tropical regions of South East Asia. Notably, in Bali and Thailand. Also, the herbal leaves have grown in popularity due to its medicinal value. The Green Maeng Da kratom is believed to be among the most potent strains available in the market today. Historically, Kratom has been used for medicinal purposes, especially in treating chronic pain in cancer patients; this is due to the soothing effects it has on the patients. Users commonly prefer it because it is a natural herb; hence, helping to finish the addiction that comes with these of opiates without causing any addiction.

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  • Although there are various kratom strains available in the market, in this guide; With its powerful combination of energy enhancing effects and as a mood booster.
  • Although the studies on this strain are still limited, most consumers using the product attest to the fact that it is very potent and can deliver the required results in a short period.

The name “Maeng Da” is always associated with greatness. No wonder people always shop for the great Maeng Da products, including the Green Maeng Da. Albeit a new product in the market many people believe in the Maeng Da family, so is the Green Maeng Da.

What makes Green Maeng Da Kratom Special?

Just as the name suggests, the Green Maeng Da depicts calm and peaceful. It is one of the top line kratom strain native to Thailand. Besides, it is associated with green veins in its leaves. It derives its name from the leaves. Due to its stimulatory effects, its sales are reaching every part of the globe.

The Green Maeng Da effects

The Green Maeng Da is a useful strain. It does not leave the users with a hyperactive feeling. However, it acts like a charm in that it provides you the confidence to socialize with people. Nonetheless, the Green Maeng Da should be consumed in low doses since it may make you extremely active. More often, people who have low self-esteem are advised to take this strain. Highlighted below are some of the effects you will get when you consume this strain.

Increased Energy

  • The Green Maeng Da can help increase the users’ energy. It helps improve their concentration, focus, as well as improve their productivity.
  • Due to that fact that it has energy boosting effects, most people like taking this strain the morning. It is not advisable to take this strain, especially when you are going to bed since you will not require that energy, uncles you are going to work and needs some level of concentration and focus.

Improved Mood

  • The Green Maeng Da is known to have a mode enhancing properties. Also, it provides moderate euphoria, and most users report a lifted and better mood once they consume this strain.

Relaxation effects

  • Although the Green Maeng Da is primarily known to provide useful energy, it can also provide moderate relaxation effects. This comes in handy, especially for people who suffer from anxiety and require a drink that will help them stay awake.
  • Besides, it is most ideal for people who experience jitters or anxiety levels immediately they take in coffee. The Green Maeng Da is known to increase energy and coping up with anxiety.

Mild Pain relief

  • The pain relieving properties in this strain is not the same as the ones found in the Red Vein Bali. Nonetheless, it still provides gentle pain relief in addition to its other effects. Although it has mild pain relief effects, if one is experiencing chronic pain, it can still be used as an alternative.

Clarity of Mind

  • The Green Maeng Da helps reduce mental clatter and helps one think clearer. It is mostly recommended for people who tend to overthink and worry a lot. If you are experiencing such issues, then we recommend that you try this strain out.

Self-Confidence Boost

  • If you are an introvert and looking for a way to boost your confidence before you deliver that speech to family members or your class, try taking this kratom.
  • Shy people have reported a tremendous boost in their level of confidence once they take this strain. They say that the strain makes them more confident and helps them accomplish the tasks.


  • White strains are known to be the most energizing kratom; they make people feel agitated. Thus, once they take the strain, they feel more anxious; as a result, the effects might make them feel worse.
  • To curb this, one needs to take in slow strains since they offer relaxation effects, which can result in increased lethargy and apathy.

The Green Maeng Da is a balanced strain. Hence, making it a more suitable option for people who suffer from depression. Most people report a lot of more positive feeling when they consume this strain.

Green Maeng Da Advantages

Stimulation Without Side effects

  • The fast strain is known to offer the most stimulating effects; they may be too much for some users. Even when taking in low dosages, white strains can cause nausea and cause stomach irritation.
  • Although the Green Maeng Da provides the same stimulating effects, as well, they are not as strong as consumers are less likely to experience side effects.

Ideal for New Users

  • This strain can be an excellent introduction to people who are looking to start their consumption of kratom and are looking for energizing effects.
  • If you are a newbie, taking on active kratom strains will have some side effects on you; thus, it is advisable that you start from a less intense strain before you build up your profile and the best alternative to begin from issuing the Green Maeng Da.
  • Since it offers stimulating effects, yet they are not as strong as others. As a result, as a newbie, there’re fewer chances that you will experience digestive issues and nausea.

Great taste when combined with coffee

  • If you love kratom and does not want to give up on your daily intake of coffee, the Green Maeng Da is your most excellent company. It provides mild energizing effects, although the results are less intent than those of the white strain. Due to this, you are less likely to feel jitters or be agitated.

Smooth effects

  • When you take in some kratom strains, you might experience that the results are fast. Also, you might experience uneasiness and side effects such as vomiting and nausea; while others might find it hard to control themselves.
  • However, this is not the case with the Green Maeng Da. The onset effects of this train are very smooth, and you are rest assured even with the mild effects, the potency or the effectiveness of this strain is not interfered with.

The Green Maeng Da Disadvantages.

Inconsistent Quality and Potency.

  • Few consumers have complained about the Green Maeng Da as being one of the least consistent kratoms in terms of potency and quality.
  • However, it is worthy to note that kratom is a natural substance, unlike prescription drugs, it can lose its potency due to several reasons. These can be due to weather, season, the amount of water received amongst other factors.
  • Even though this might be considered as negative feedback, the Green Maeng Da is still unique and attract many users.

What’s the perfect dosage for Green Maeng Da?

Typically, Green Maeng Da is considered to be high in alkaloids. Hence, even in small dosages, it still provides you with significant effects.

  • Besides, a premium kratom takes 3-5g most strains to work effectively. However, the same high effects can be achieved by a 2g strain. If Green Maeng Da is taken in high doses, it can be highly sedative.
  • The Green Maeng Da is a reasonably moderate strain; thus, if you want to experience significant effects, you can start from 2g as you improve your servings with time.
  • Additionally, it is worthy to note that the effects of this strain kick in within the first 15-20 minutes of its consumption, and the results may last up to 6 hours.
  1. 1 gram for starters
  2. For light, usage take 2-3 grams
  3. For moderate usage 3-5 grams
  4. For heavy usage 6-8 grams

Above this recommendation would lead to high sedation effects.

Final Thoughts

The Green Maeng Da is a mild strain that is known for its energizing effects. However, to get such results, you need to buy kratom from a quality and reliable vendor. One that continually tests their strains to ensure that they are safe for human consumption and are free from impurities. The Green Maeng Da is a highly potent strain that should be consumed in low dosage. If take in high dosages, it can lead to high sedative effects on the body.

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