The Best Strain For Beginners Is The Green Indo Kratom Strain

If you are looking into Kratom for the first time, and want an easy strain that balances benefits with a smooth blend, then Green Indo Kratom is perfect for you. Commonly known as a strain for beginners, this hits a perfect blend, with mellow strength, and a balance of effects.

What Is Green Indo Kratom?

Green Into Kratom is a strain that is used to help with certain medicinal needs. However, it is also a strain of green vein Kratom, and therefore takes on all of the qualities perfectly. Usually, a strain is red, white, or green. Sometimes it can be yellow, but only a few strains are. The green vein strain is known to have a sort of coffee effect to them.

Where Does Green Indo Kratom Come From?

The name comes from where it originated, and in this case, Indo means Indonesia. Unlike a lot of the other strains, this one is a wild running strain of the mitragyna speciose tree. Instead of like other strains, you can find this without wandering really far into the dense jungle. Making this an ideal strain and having fewer alkaloids for a smoother transition, which is perfect for beginners.

What Is the Best Feature Of Green Indo Kratom?

The best feature that users say that it has is the effect of energy, it supposedly gets you going in the morning, and is able to stabilize energy all day. It is also a great strain for beginners because of its low alkaloid content, which is why this a good strain to start on or ease into using Kratom with.

What Sizes Does The Green Indo kratom Powders Come In?

There are a lot of different sizes that you can buy Green Indo Kratom in. However, they are all more expensive than the previous size. For example, the 100 mg size is $20, while the 500 mg size is $75 dollars. So with that being said, the sizes in order are; 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, and 5 kg the cheapest one at around $20 and the most expensive, around $650.

How Much Should You Buy?

When you are looking to start out, many consumers choose the lower doses that will help them use just what they need to be using at first. There are many things that people ask about the product, and one of those is how much you should buy. Well, the answer lies with you, and the main ingredients to this are you. What you weigh, what your age is, how your health is overall, and many other factors to consider before even using the product. If you are looking to closely monitor your intake, then using the capsules or pills will work wonders for you.

Green Indo Kratom

What Types Of Green Indo Kratom Are There?

There are many different products that contain Green Indo Kratom in them. There are some of them that I will list below, as well as what they are used for, including shots, pills, powder, and tinctures.


You can get your Green Indo Kratom in a shot for, like a five-hour energy shot style. The good part of this product is that it’s easy to take, and not hard to knockback. The drawback to it is that it has a lot of milligrams in one bottle.


Pills are a useful product that contains the Green Indo Kratom. They can come in a tablet form, as well as in capsules. These are good in a tight spot, they taste bad, but you can chase them with a drink. They have about 1.5 mg in each tablet and capsule, which makes it easy to keep your doses in check.


This product comes in a powder form and is one of the most common products for any Kratom, not just the Green Indo Kratom. This product is used to take as a powder with water, to mix with tea, to cook in food, and about 100 other things. There is so much that you can do with the powder; it’s a utility product. You also have the mg scoop to use it to easily control how much you use.


This product is Kratom in a pure form. It is what you would use to vape, cook with, stick under your tongue, and more. This is also easy to use and monitor your mg intake of Kratom. Tinctures aren’t available for all strains, but it is for this one.

Is Green Indo Kratom Legal In The United States?

It is legal for many of the states. There are 45 states in which it is legal to use, buy, and sell Kratom. However, in a few of these states, though, they are banned in cities or counties. So, therefore, it’s a grey area when it comes to Kratom in the United States. The only states to ban Kratom are Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Cities and counties that have it banned are San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, IL, and Sarasota County, FL.

Where Can You Find Green Indo Kratom Near You?

You can always buy Kratom at stores online. There are many stores that have Kratom for sale all over the internet. If you are in need, and you are either not home or at a family member’s house, then you may need to go somewhere to buy it. If that’s the case, then you can type into a search engine, “Kratom stores near me.” If that doesn’t work, then you need to go by some local places that might sell it. You can go to the smoke shop or any cigarette store, and they may have it there. You may also be able to find it at a vape shop. Another place to check is a head shop where you can buy marijuana and CBD. The last location is basically anywhere that sells CBD. You can find some there. However, if none of these options are available, then just ask the people at those shops, they should be able to help you out.

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