Green Harmony Kratom: Everything You Want To Know!

If you are struggling with problems that revolve around unease, recession or even ache or cough, then using Kratom as a recreational drug is the way to go. This drug has even been titled a euphoriant, for it is also renowned for uplifting one’s mood and bringing about comfort. Green Harmony Kratom is one of the most premium and prominent Kratom vendors out there.

Green Harmony Kratom

From the mature plants of Indonesia harvested and brought straight to your doorsteps, it doesn’t get any better than Green Harmony Kratom. Consequently, through this weekly cycle of constant harvesting, drying and milling, Green Harmony brings you the finest Kratom in the world. This manufacturer provides you with state-of-the-art Kratom, provided that the foundation of this company stems from the same origin as Kratom, which is Indonesia.

Finding a vendor that services directly from the source of the product you wish to purchase is not something you see very commonly. Green Harmony was established in 2015. Since then, it has made quite a reputation among the consumer market and is regarded as the most trusted Kratom supplier. This supply chain offers a various and diverse collection of Kratom, again benefiting from the fact that it resides right about the home and nursery place of the Kratom used throughout the world. It operates from Indonesia and has expanded its operations by opening many chains in the USA with many warehouses.

Green Harmony Kratom


Their products have verified certification of authenticity and originality from the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry. Apart from that, their website furnishes certificates of analysis for each of their products listed for sale. It is remarked as the most potent and effective Kratom. Their product feedback has surely been widely positive and assuring. Kratom enthusiasts have mostly been surprised by how good Green Harmony Kratom is and always emphasize how it has exceeded their expectations.

Green Harmony stands out because they are transparent and show no negligence while communicating with their customers. They give accurate details and insights to every single product of theirs, as that is what they primarily shift their focus on, their Kratom. They invest more in what keeps their business going, but on the other hand, many vendors are often least bothered by sharing such explicit details of their products. This displays their good attitude of prioritizing their customers first and foremost.


Green Harmony Kratom gives its customer a good quantity of options backed and ensured by real quality. They maintain their high-end Kratom quality by considering statistical and laboratory analysis and getting their Kratom from experienced farmers from Indonesia. All the most purchased Kratom are included in Green Harmony’s catalog, including the most preferred Bali gold, White Maeng Da, The Green Elephant, etc. Moreover, their roster also has some rare gems that aren’t too easy to find in the market: Super red gold, the brown Harmony, and yellow Sumatra Kratom.


Due to their products temporarily being stored in the warehouses located in the US, they cannot deliver any order less than 1kg bags, which might give you second thoughts as it does limit a lot of customers wanting to order a minimum amount. However, you will be delighted to find that it gives you the option to order packages ranging from 3kg to a mind-boggling amount of 100kg, which is surely unforeseen before in any other Kratom forum. You can either place your delivery for 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20 kg up to 100kg.

For customers wanting to sample some of their products without going through the hassle of purchasing a specific Kratom, Green Harmony also provides a sample pack containing different flavors that add up to 1kg collectively to be shipped. They collaborate with varying shipment companies like DHL express, EMS, cargo air freights, USPS etc. The preferable method would be through DHL express since it may deliver your order the earliest. They accept different payment methods such as checks, cash, money order and even cash on delivery. Virtual payment methods such as PayPal, Mastercard or Visa are also available and accepted at the consumer’s convenience.

Green Harmony Kratom Pricing

Granted, Green Harmony Kratom conveniently reduces its price for its customers, and it gives the best and most organic form of Kratom. Comparatively, the western vendors have very buffed prices than the Green Harmony Kratom services. Using the promotional offers, coupons and vouchers are what tops the icing on this cake, as it offers plenty under their promo page on their website. It also gives its customers 10% off on their first bill. How exciting it is. No? Moreover, if you surf through web forums such as Reddit or double M herbals, you will most definitely uncover coupons and vouchers for Green Harmony Kratom.

Given that they only sell in kilos, you might have your fair hesitations while placing your order because it is not cheap to buy Kratom bags of that much quantity. Nevertheless, it’s also worth noting that their kilo bags cost about just 20$, whereas sample try-out bags are listed at 19$. Coming in at such a low, affordable and unrivaled price, these are sure to attract your attention.

Green Harmony Kratom


The maintenance of this vendor’s website promotes the facility of a 24/7 round-the-clock customer service that assists you through all of your problems and ambiguities. They are open to reaching out through their hotline, their email address and even their contact form.

Their employees are known among many customers as extremely friendly and easily approachable as well. Tending to customers’ requests almost immediately, their customer service is very efficient and feasibly responsive. Their product eliminates any room for you to remain lethargic or even depressed. Its aroma envelopes your senses and pleases you with utmost gratification and high-spirited energy.


Green Harmony Kratom is a high-grade Kratom vendor. It provides the finest of what it deals with and does so at extreme consumer convenience by selling at prices with no competition in the market. It ensures the best Kratom by putting extra effort into the quality of its products.

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