What Differentiates Green Borneo Kratom From Other Strains?


Kratom products like Green Borneo Kratom are attracting many people towards it from the last few years. This does not mean that Kratom is a new herb but it has been there for a really long time. As Kratom is a herb, it certainly possesses some extraordinary qualities for its users. Mainly, in the United States, attention towards Kratom has increased and people are preferring Kratom extracts over many other natural products.

There are many extracts of Kratom and one of these is Borneo Kratom. There are three main types of Borneo Kratom like Red, Green, and White Borneo Kratom strains. All of them are made from the leaves of this tree which we call Kratom. This tree is actually from Southeast Asia. The presence of alkaloid content makes it potent and is the main component that plays the role in the effectiveness of these Kratom products.

Anyway, do you catch yourself wondering about what makes Green Borneo Kratom different from other strains? Which Kratom strain is similar to Green Borneo Kratom? Well, we have got your back! Let’s stick to this read till the end to find out some amazing facts about this particular strain.

What Is Green Borneo Kratom?

Kratom, as we all know, is also known as MitragynaSpeciosa and it is native to Southeast Asia. Moreover, it is indigenous to Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. It has multiple types and it is available in the market in different forms, making it easy for anyone to consume it as per their choice.

Green Borneo is one of the most famous strains of Ketum. It is potent enough as well as delivers long-lasting effects.

One of the reasons this strain is so popular in the US is that it turns out to be genuinely helpful for people suffering from certain ailments. The effects of this strain depend on many factors, including tolerance, age, and weight. Also, its drying process is different from White Borneo and Red Borneo.

What Other Borneo Strains Are There In The Market?

There are three main Borneo Strains available in the market, such as red, white, and green. However, now everyone knows the difference between these three and ends up choosing the wrong one. Here we discuss some facts about the red and white Borneo Strain.

White Borneo Strain

The word ‘Borneo’ indicates that White Borneo is from the Island of Borneo. White strains are the least potent ones. The White Borneo Strain is one of the most famous and useful strains among the Kratom strains available in the market. This strain is made from the young leaves of Kratom which are dried indoors and then undergo a proper process to get to the final touch of this strain.

This strain is easily available with any online Kratom seller. It has many benefits which includes good productivity and focus. It also helps to boost the energy but should be taken in the least amount as heavy doses might affect you in a negative manner. It can also work as a replacement for the cup of coffee.

White Strain can also be used for analgesic purposes. Headaches and migraines can also be treated well with the help of this strain. If you are suffering from mood swings, here is the solution for that because the white strain is also helping many people to elevate their bad moods. A person feels calm after the use of this strain. Kratom strains can do wonders and the white strain can give you a sense of tension relief and relaxation.

There are also some side effects of white strains. It can cause irritation when the usage exceeds a certain limit. Constipation and nausea are also side effects of the white strain. Tongue numbness can also be caused by the excessive use of white strain.

Red Borneo Strain

Red Borneo strain is also one of the famous extracts of Mitragyna speciosa. It is more potent than any other extract or strain specifically. As it contains a dense composition of alkaloids, it holds lots of benefits including the ability to release tension and agony. It is good for the energy-boosting process. It helps a person to have a focused mindset. It helps you to have a good rest and calmness of mind.

The manufacturing process of this strain is almost the same as that of the white one. But these leaves are not dried without the sunlight. The leaves are taken from the plant and then dried and converted into a form of powder and filled into capsules.

The red strain also has some adverse effects if usage increases from a certain level. It can affect you in terms of both, body and mind. The body may feel restlessness and a person can also suffer from heavy sedation.

This strain is also easily available online and with vendors.

Which Strain Is Similar To Green Borneo Kratom?

In terms of fetching the same results, Green Malay Kratom is pretty much like Green Borneo Kratom. However, this strain turns out to be way stronger than this one.

This strain is harvested once the veins in its leaves have turned green. If it is darker then it will be considered most potent, in the case of light-colored leaves, the strain is not highly potent. This strain holds several alkaloids but Mitragynine is among the popular ones.


Woohoo! Now you know a lot of important information about Green Borneo Kratom strain and also the answer to the question, what Differentiates Green Borneo Kratom from other strains. Indonesia has Borneo island and so, it is one of the biggest exporters of this strain. It is said that this strain holds maximum benefits of Kratom whereas minimum side effects.

In ancient times, there were barely any available consumption methods of Kratom. So, people mostly used to chew on Kratom leaves to boost their energy levels and work all day long. However, with time it gained popularity and now almost everyone knows about it.

Still, Kratom needs to go a long way because there has not been enough research done on it. Consequently, many states have not allowed its dealing. Due to a lack of scientific proof, there are plenty of myths about this herb that need to be clarified. If you liked reading this article then don’t forget to share it with your fellows.


Is Green Malay Kratom Totally Similar To Green Borneo Kratom?

The answer to this question is NO! Both of them are not totally similar. Borneo strains are more powerful than the Malay ones and they have a stronger effect. However, their effects are somewhat the same, probably because both of them are green.

Is Green Borneo Kratom Legal In The United States?

The answer to this is not straightforward. In some areas of the United States, Green Borneo Kratom is legal and in some areas it is illegal.

What Are Three Major Kratom Strains?

Red, White, and Green are the three major strains of Kratom. If you are new to this field, it is important for you to research well before getting your hands on any.

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