Green Bali Kratom – Key Alkaloids – Usage & Effects

Green Bali is the lesser-known of the Bali strains. This doesn’t affect its popularity though. It’s one of the most recommended strains for first-time users. While the red is more popular, it can sometimes have effects you don’t desire like sedation. The white strain is known for acting similar to a cup of coffee, but it can also cause jitteriness like caffeine. The Green Bali strain is known for being mild and combines the best effects of both strains without the undesired side effects.

About Green Bali Kratom

Bali kratom has three veins that vary in potency: white, red, and green vein. Despite carrying the Bali name, Green Bali is cultivated from Borneo. The Bali name comes from the shipping town that was used to export kratom. Green Bali varies from brand to brand but generally, it’s a mix between Green Borneo and Green Sumatra. Many users of this type of kratom compare it to Green Maeng Da. It has a similar potency to it this ranks it as one of the best strains in the kratom community.

Popularity Of Green Bali

Bali kratom is one of the most popular types of kratom. The most popular Bali strain is red. This doesn’t mean the green lacks any popularity. It’s often regarded among first-time users. Many sites recommend green strains to start with because they are milder and more balanced in their effects.

What Are The Key Alkaloids In Green Bali?

Green Bali has an alkaloid profile close to Maeng Da. The green strain has a lower alkaloid count than the red strains, which are the strongest of the three. The green strain is a mix between the red and white vein strains. There are over 40 alkaloids present in kratom. The main alkaloids in Green Bali are 7-hydroymitrgynine and mitragynine. Red Bali has 24 different alkaloids and 11 of them are found in the other strains. These alkaloids are responsible for the pain-relieving properties and the other effects felt by kratom.

What Are The Key Features?

There are a few key features that make Green Bali special.

  • Cheap – This kratom strain is cheap to produce and inexpensive to buy.
  • Highly potent – Bali is one of the more highly potent types of kratom.
  • A high number of alkaloids – Green Bali has a high alkaloid content like Maeng Da.

What Can I Expect From Green Bali?

Many effects are reported with Green Bali. Since it’s a more mild and balanced strain, it contains properties of both the white and the red. It’s often recommended for first-time users because of the balanced effects.

The strain isn’t recommended to be used at night because it doesn’t have any sedating effects like Red Bali. While there isn’t a sedating effect, users report feeling more relaxed. It’s often sought after for this effect. Red Bali is the most sought after for pain-relieving effects. However, Green Bali is more effective than the red strain. This is because it works to help combat all types of pain and doesn’t cause sedating effects.

Many students enjoy this strain because of the reported effects of increased concentration and memory boosting. The FDA doesn’t back these claims but there is research to suggest the alkaloids may relieve pain and promote general wellbeing.

About Green Bali Kratom

How Much Of Green Bali Do I Use?

Green Bali usage can be enjoyed in different ways. You can make a tea with leaves, take it in powder form, or use capsules. There are variations to using kratom too. Some people cook the leaves or use the powder for seasoning. Others make drinks with the powder or take it on the tongue with a glass of water.

Your experience will vary based on the method of taking kratom too. Some find methods too harsh on the stomach and opt for capsules or tea leaves. Others prefer capsules for a longer-lasting effect. There are other factors that will change your kratom experience. Your age, weight, how you metabolize kratom, and how much you take. Trial and error are the methods to get your desired effects. However, many labels will recommend an amount to take. Be careful with taking kratom. Taking kratom at high amounts can cause an overdose.

How Much Does Green Bali Cost?

Green Bali will vary in cost depending on who you are purchasing from. Headshops and gas stations charge more than online shops. Online shops are also safer and provide higher quality kratom. How you want to take kratom will affect the price. For example, the powder is generally much cheaper to buy than capsules. You also get more in powder form versus capsules. Crushed leaves are hard to find but are often the cheapest method. The vendor you purchase from will also cause a range in price.

Top Vendors To Purchase Green Bali

The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk sells Green Bali Kratom powder starting at $39.99 for 250 grams to $89.99 for 1kg. They offer 3rd party lab testing to ensure you are getting quality kratom. They sell all three strains of Bali kratom. They are also recognized by the American Kratom Association.

Happy Hippo Herbals

They offer Green Bali starting at $12 for 1oz of powder with 500 grams selling for $150. Like The Golden Monk, they are recognized by the American Kratom Association. However, they don’t mention any 3rd party lab testing on their website.

The Kratom Syndicate

Their Green Bali powder starts at $32 for 125 grams of powder. They sell up to 500 grams for $81. They’re recognized by the American Kratom Association and offer 3rd party lab testing.


What’s The Difference Between Capsules And Green Bali powder?

Capsules tend to be slow-acting and last longer. Powders react with the body faster, but the effects don’t last as long. The upside to powder is it’s cheaper than capsules and more readily available. Green Bali capsules are rare to find. However, you can purchase empty capsules and fill your powder in it if you prefer the capsule method but don’t want to pay the price.

What’s Gold Bali?

Gold Bali is one of the rarest forms of kratom. Gold kratom is the only kind of manmade kratom. It’s created through a unique drying process. The gold is said to take all the properties from the leaves and produce stronger alkaloids. Some suppliers mix white and red leaves to create the strain. Gold Bali kratom is reported to have sedating effects, euphoria, and pain relief.

What strains Are Similar To Green Bali?

There are a couple of strains that are similar in effects to Green Bali. One strain is Green Maeng Da. It’s one of the most potent types of kratom but the green vein delivers a more balanced effect than the other veins. Green Kapuas kratom is another middle strength strain. Some same Green Borneo is another strain that produces effects similar to Green Bali. This isn’t much of a surprise since some vendors will use Green Borneo in their Bali mixture.

Why Should I Try Green Bali?

Green Bali is a great strain for first-time users and those that want the benefits and effects of the white and red Bali but without the sedation or jitteriness. Many find that the effects are more balanced and milder compared to other strains, making it ideal for daytime use.

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