Gold Label Kratom Vendor Review – Are They Reliable?

Ketum is quickly gaining popularity in the United States and abroad. However, one cannot be too cautious while purchasing Ketum. It’s possible that the Ketum you buy locally (or even online) isn’t genuine. Making a safe decision is at the top of everyone’s priority list, yet doing so necessitates extensive research and brainstorming before making a decision. Those who are fortunate enough to find solutions to their questions on the internet are fortunate, but some people are not so good.

Getting duped into purchasing low-quality products, especially when they are related to health, can result in long-term financial loss and damage your budget. One of the reasons why people fear buying anything online is this.

Brief Overview of the Company

Gold Label Kratom is one of the newest Ketum brands on the market, but it’s quickly gaining traction for all the right reasons. To get the gold hue, their Kratom products are meticulously dried. This is why they’re referred to as “Gold Label Kratom.”

And, as you may be aware, gold has long been associated with wealth and power. The Gold Label Kratom strains are potent. The gold color may surprise you because the Ketum leaves are green. It would help if you weren’t concerned because it’s the same Kratom that’s gone through different drying methods.

Gold Label Kratom

Their Website Is Easy to Navigate

Superiority and simplicity are combined in Gold Label Kratom. Their website is simple to navigate, and you can go around quickly. A list of available Ketum strains can be found on the home page. Their costs are also shown below. You can shop for your preferred strains and then proceed to the checkout to pay and provide your delivery information. Their website is also mobile-responsive, which enhances your buying experience.

Product Line at Gold Label Kratom

The large assortment of items offered by the Gold Label Kratom dealer is one of the key reasons for its popularity. The Ketum items available at Gold Label Kratom are listed below.

Powdered Kratom

Mitragyna powder has traditionally been the most effective form of the herb. This is since it is simple to consume and has a speedier onset of effects. Gold Label provides a variety of Kratom powder strains, including Bali, Green Malay, and Maeng Da. The Gold Label Kratom Powder has been treated to retain all the alkaloids that provide Kratom its health benefits.

Kratom Extracts

There is an option to take Kratom in powder form if you don’t like it. Kratom extracts are just as potent as the powder but in a liquid state. The Gold Label Kratom offers Kratom extracts in all strains.

Ketum Tincture Extracts

The Gold Label Kratom has not forgotten about Ketum tincture fans. You may get tinctures created from several strains for a reasonable price. The many tinctures available at Gold Label Kratom can be found on their page.

Are Their Price Ranges Affordable?

Gold Label goods will be available at various pricing as a headshop brand. Prices can be set and changed on any website or in-person store, so search around for the best bargain. v Extract Capsules (10 count) — A 10-count package has an MSRP of $9.99, but you can usually purchase them online for $8.99 – $12.99.

v Extract Capsules (120 counts) – This product has a $79.99 MSRP. However, we could find them for as low as $53.29. v 12 Packs of 10-Count Capsules in a Retail Case – Headshops and smoke shops frequently sell 10-count capsule bundles out of a retail display box containing 12 packs. This item has a wholesale MSRP of $119.95. We found this case for $83.88 at an internet outlet store.

What About the Quality of Their Products?

The Gold Label is unrivaled in terms of quality. You’ll notice this as soon as you perform some web research. The finished product boasts high-quality Kratom thanks to the company’s utilization of top-notch processing procedures. The Kratom Speciosa tree’s alkaloids are extracted and mixed to provide a variety of health advantages.

What are the Major Payment Methods?

It’s never been easier to buy Ketum. Gold Label provides a variety of safe and secure payment options. You can pay using an eWallet or any other accessible payment method. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

Do They Provide Any Coupon Codes or Discount Offers?

Favorite clients receive prizes and incentives as part of a loyalty program. The more you shop at Gold Label, the more likely you will receive discounts.

Is There Any Shipping and Return Policy?

Gold Label has a generous return policy that permits customers to return Kratom if it arrives in inadequate packaging or does not provide the claimed advantages. Their shipping procedure is rapid and dependable.

How Do We Find Their Customer Service?

Suppose you are having trouble placing an order or locating a particular product. Their customer service team is accessible seven days a week, 23 hours a day. You can contact them via their site, email, or phone number. Whichever solution is most convenient for you is the best option. If you have any concerns, kindly do not wait to contact them.

What Are Their Clients Commenting?

Surprisingly, there was no mention of Gold Label on Reddit or any other popular internet forums. We could only locate any consumer feedback on this brand on a website that sells their items. Take these reviews with a grain of salt, especially since they’re all five stars. Some customers are raving about Gold Label Kratom’s 10-pack extract pills.

“I adore the Kratom Gold Label!”

“Excellent product… will buy again.”

“The Gold Label Kratom justifies its name and package.”

“An absolute must-have in my Kratom arsenal… Without fail, quality, potency, and consistency.”

However, Some Red Flags Are Still Waving:

Pure Extract Lab manufactures Gold Label botanical Ketum extracts. Pure Extract Lab does not have a website of its own. They also lack a registered brand and are not registered with the Small Business Administration, which is quite concerning. This alone should make you think twice about buying anything from this dealer.

We discovered another red flag while researching Gold Label Kratom that they do not market their product. This brand’s marketing is left to the wholesale website or the local store where the product is offered. These findings all leave a sour taste in our mouths. A reputable vendor will have a legitimate website with information about their business. There is no method to contact this vendor if something goes wrong with their items.

Are Their Products Lab Tested?

According to the company, each of Gold Label’s products is lab tested. However, there is no evidence to support this assertion. A legitimate Ketum company will not only identify the laboratory that tests their product but will also provide the most recent lab findings on their website. There is no way to verify that any of Gold Label Kratom’s products have been evaluated for impurities or cross-contamination because the company does not have a website.

A good Kratom supplier will even print the batch (or lot) number of the lab reports on their items. The consumer will be able to discover the test results in this manner. Gold Label Kratom’s labels do not provide any such information.

Gold Label Kratom

Is Gold Label Kratom Associated with American Kratom Association?

Even though Gold Label Kratom claims to fulfill GMP criteria, the American Kratom Association is not affiliated with them. This, together with the vendor’s absence of proof of lab testing, is a huge red flag.

The American Kratom Association collaborates with trustworthy Mitragyna suppliers to verify that all of their products follow GMP criteria. In addition, the AKA is working to promote awareness about Ketum and to have it legalized across the United States.

Quick Summary Of the Review

A large variety of Ketum strains

Reasonable prices

Average customer service

No GMP or AKA affiliation

No display of lab reports

The Final Thoughts

It would help if you thought twice about purchasing Gold Label Kratom. This seller does not have a business website or test their products in a lab, which does not auger well. Furthermore, they are not licensed or trademarked. Gold Label Kratom appears to be one of the best headshop brands based on the few reviews we’ve discovered. At the same time, we’re concerned about the lack of a website for the brand and the fact that we couldn’t find any reviews outside of one online retailer.

It wouldn’t be so strange if none of the reviews on the said shop were less than five stars, but that’s not the case right now. As a result, we recommend that you start with the 10-count pack. After all, when you’re not sure if you’ll like a product that’s new to you, it’s always best to make the least feasible expenditure.

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