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Garuda Kratom started back in 2017, and it is based in Dutchess County, NY. The products of Garuda Kratom are sold through another Mitragyna Speciosa vendor, which is Hudson Valley Botanicals. It is a small business, and the company serves as an importer and seller of high-end herbs. The Vendor intends to provide the customers with just what they call the best at very affordable rates. This brand is for all those who want to buy Ketum or CBD products, the Vendor has quality products only, and because of this, it competes with the other well-known vendors in the area.

Garuda Kratom gets all of their teas sourced from Indonesia; they directly link with the trusted farmers who hand-picked the finest leaves of the Biak tree. The name of Garuda has its origin from the mythical bird of Hinduism. Garuda isn’t a strain, but it’s a Ketum seller, and it claims to have no pesticides and no impurities.

Things To Consider About Garuda Kratom?

Different Ketum vendors are known for various reasons; when it comes to Garuda Kratom, they offer a wide range of the best strains at rates that are unbelievable. So here are some pro’s and con’s they have:


  • Offers a wide variety of strains
  • Prices are unbelievable
  • Shipping services are really fast
  • Fresh products are available
  • Accepts different payment methods
  • Accepts applicable refunds


  • Products aren’t lab tested
  • Does not accept payments in cryptocurrency
  • No money-back guarantee

Garuda Kratom

What About The Coupon Codes?

Though it is a really small enterprise, they offer the best rates. They charge reasonably while providing quality products, but they also offer perks to the beloved customers to sweeten the deals even more. They have discounts that will win the heart; for example for the first responders and military personnel, Garuda Kratom has a value of 5% .

Not only this, but the Vendor also regularly sends out freebies with many of their packages. For example, if someone has ordered Kratom Vein Powder, it would be sent out with the CBD oil as a free trial. They don’t have a newsletter, but the information and details are posted on the homepage.

Multiple Payment Options

At Garuda Kratom, payments can be made through any of these ways:

  • Zelle
  • MasterCard/ Visa Credit cards
  • USPS
  • Cash on delivery
  • Check
  • CashApp

What Customers Say About Them?

Different customers have a different experience with them, and some say that it is their go-to website for buying quality Kratom products. Some people say that their powders are amazing, and no other brand can compete for their quality. They do not have a lot of reviews on the internet, but the reviews they have are good. There are not a lot of bad reviews; the customers have mixed reviews. But most of the people who have tried them said that they are worth your money. The number of bad reviews can easily tell you that Garuda Kratom hasn’t disappointed many customers.

Something About The Shipping Services

All the orders of Garuda Kratom are shipped through the USPS Postal service. Apart from this, every package automatically receives Priority Flat Rate shipping. Those individuals who purchase kilos or less have to pay extra for Priority Flat Rate Express. Orders above one kilo can get Priority Express for $50 or less.

According to the customers who have tried their services, the leaf is worth the wait and apart from that, if you have your order delayed, the staff is quite quick to respond and satisfies the customers with their response.

How To Contact Garuda Kratom?

Many online vendors are offering Kratom nowadays; finding the best of all is quite a challenge and especially for those who cannot compromise over the quality. If you need some worth the wait options, then definitely Garuda Kratom is one of those. Customers are always welcome to contact them for questions and queries; they have instant email services.

Are Their Services the Best?

What makes them an amazing Mitragyna Speciosa seller is that they have almost 30 different varieties of the Ketum strains available on their website all the time. They have different products within a wide range, teas and other forms of every product are also available. Their products have such a high concentration of mitragynine, making their products stand out amongst others. Another thing that makes them different is that their concentrated strains often have a strong pleasant aroma.

Return And Refund Policy

Garuda Kratom does accept returns, but they only get those in line with the company’s standards. One can only return an item if it’s in perfect condition, and also, the packaging is still fine since there are too many rules on making the refund, so the chances of getting the refund are quite less. Returns are easy to get if there was a mistake on the part of the seller. If the customers want a refund or are expecting it, they are expected to inform the Vendor. It should be done within five days of delivery.

Garuda Kratom


The products are sold through another vendor; Garuda Kratom is a small business that started some years back but gained quick popularity. Though, you can visit the physical stores anytime to get the cravings of Kratom satisfied. It’s a vendor who tries its best to impress the customers with the services to get a better review. The reputation of Garuda Kratom is quite good, though some things bother the customers, like not getting a refund. Still, they love it for the prices and the quality products. With the best offers and discounts, it has won the hearts of Kratom lovers quite quickly.

Some Other Amazing Kratom Vendors

If you are looking for other Kratom vendors with quality products and services, you can rely on SA Kratom, Kratom Basket or Golden Monk. These vendors provide 100% original quality Ketum and the prices are also reasonable. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try now.

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