Five Ways To Use Kratom Leaf Extracts


Many people use kratom leaf extracts for different kinds of purposes. Ketum is a herbal plant extracted from the forests of Southeast Asia.

Although Mitragyna speciosa is found in other parts of the world, most famously, it is cultivated in Indonesia. Indonesian kratom is one of the most used ones around the globe.

You might also be amazed that you can use the whole plant of Ketum for any benefit. But many scientists and researchers prefer to use the leaf area where all the essential nutrients are stored.

Kratom Leaf Extracts

Kratom leaf extract is the purest form of kratom out there. Although, there are some other kratom products to be known as originated from organic sources, such as kratom powder and kratom capsules. But, the kratom leaf extract is known to be the purest among these kratom products.

Purification Process

The good thing about Kratom leaf extracts is that it is easy to use, order, and is not at all illegal. Many people, due to its varying benefits, use it. It provides color, aroma, and taste to your food items.

The most asked question about the usage of kratom leaf extracts is how to use them, what products we have to use them, and what amount to use. Does it taste good to add kratom leaf extracts to our food items? What are the types of food products in which we can add these extracts?

These are a few asked questions, and answers have been described in detail under the written article.

Kratom Leaf Extract In A Smoothie

Smoothies are plant-based drinks. These are great for boosting your nutrient content and attaining all the necessary health benefits.

Many fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts encourage the usage of herbal supplements such as Ketum and moringa in smoothies so that the benefits can be achieved at the maximum level. These influencers even promote the use of these extracts on their social media accounts.

Adding kratom leaf extracts to your smoothies is an excellent way to boost your smoothie’s nutritional boost. Many people fear that adding kratom leaf extracts might ruin the taste of their smoothies, but that’s not true. Complement your kratom leaf extracts with something sweet such as banana or any other fruit to minimize any sour taste of Ketum and use it for your good.

Hence, complementing your smoothies with kratom leaf extract is excellent, and the taste doesn’t get ruined as well.

Recipe of Kratom Leaf Extract Smoothie.

You can also use the following smoothie recipe, including kratom leaf extracts.

  • Two Bananas
  • One apple
  • Half cup of spinach leaf smoothies
  • Two to three drops of kratom leaf extracts
  • One cup coconut milk

Ketum coconut smoothie is one of the favorite smoothies used by many fitness enthusiasts. Coconut flavor, banana sweetness, and kratom color make this smoothie a great beverage that you can enjoy as your post or pre-workout smoothie. In both, these situations are highly energizing and refreshing to have.

So now you can enjoy the whole package of nourishment and energy just in one glass. You can use these refreshing smoothies in summer as your refreshing summer drink is full of flavor and essential nutrients.

Kratom Leaf Extract In Food Items

When it comes to adding kratom leaf extracts to food items, most people fear that it might ruin the taste of their food items and all of them get some foul-smelling food to eat. But that is NOT the case, as by adding the Ketum leaf extracts, you are improving the taste of your food. It also gives a nice neutralizing color to your food if used in a moderate amount.

But you need to take extra care about the dose you are adding to your food item as an excess of everything is terrible.

Just two to three drops are more than enough for you to attain all the required benefits. These two to three dots comprise the purest form of kratom that you require. You can gradually increase the number of drops depending upon your taste. However, still, it is recommended that you take a maximum of three drops as these drops are highly concentrated and saturated by pure kratom.

Food Items you can use kratom leaf extracts are savory foods such as soups, oatmeals, etc.

You can also add kratom leaf extracts to your curry. Make sure to use the right kind of dosage as you might not want to ruin the taste of your dish.

These leaf extracts are mainly used by those people who prefer their food free from any impurity or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). You will be glad to know that these leaf extracts are one hundred percent non-Gmo and are free from any impurity.

Kratom Leaf Extract In Teas

Many people use kratom leaves and brew them for their teas, while some use kratom leaf extract.

Using kratom leaf extract is a quick and easy way to make your teas healthy. It is a time-saving step as it could help you save time and prepare your tea filled with many nutrients.

Many people also use kratom leaf extract to give their teas a nice neutralizing color that will break from the ordinary teas.


All you have to do is make your tea or latte and add two to three drops of kratom leaf extract to it, and here you go with your tea.

Kratom Leaf Extract In Lattes

Lattes are the best way to add a sense of warmth to your daily life, but if those lattes are healthy and nutritious, then it is excellent. Adding kratom leaf extracts to your vegan, plant-based milk lattes is a great way to give your latte and everyday life a boost of energy and nutrients.

Many vegans and fitness freaks around the globe are inspired by the fact that their everyday latte should be healthiest and plant-based. For that matter, adding a few drops of kratom leaf extract to your lattes is excellent as this will provide a taste and warmth of a latte with added benefits.

Kratom Leaf Extracts

Many people around the globe make these Ketum -based lattes with different kinds of plant milk; these include; kratom almond milk latte, kratom soy milk latte, and kratom coconut milk latte.

Many people also use other sorts of milk, such as oat milk and hemp milk, etc.

Adding kratom leaf extract into lattes makes it one of the most selling products in the market. Many people are aware of kratom and use it in their daily lives. This extract is pure and is free from any additives such as preservatives. This quality of kratom leaf extract makes it a unique product among the other herbal products present in the market today.

The recipe is a two-minute recipe. All you have to do is take a milk frother, add some milk, plant-based preferably, and then add some kratom leaf extract in it and mix it well. Your Ketum latte is all set to be devoured.

Kratom Leaf Extract In Juices

After a long workout, all you want to have is an instant energy booster, and juice made with fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to do that. Adding kratom leaf extract in it simply multiples the energy-boosting effects and makes your post-workout juice taste and smell amazing.

All you have to do is while preparing your post-workout juice, add two drops of kratom leaf extract, and drink.

Make sure not to add too much leaf extract as you might not want to have a sorry drink for yourself.

You can also easily order kratom leaf extract from any online store as it is legal in many online stores such as Golden monk, SA kratom, and kratom baskets. You can easily buy kratom leaf extract from these stores and use it for your benefit.


Kratom leaf extract is a herbal extract used by many people around the globe due to its benefits. These are used to produce food from organic sources as these are extracted from the organic source itself and are free from any GMOs.

You can use it in many different products depending upon your mood and the time you have.

One thing that is needed to be reminded of again and again is that the dosage of these drops should be ranging from two to three dots and not more than that. But if you want to add more drops, start using a few amounts to make your body get used to the higher dosage.

These extracts could be used in your food items such as soups, oatmeals, etc.

Kratom leaf extracts are widely used in Kratom tea, latte, or smoothies.

They give your nutritious smoothies unique color, taste, and added nutrients. Many people around the globe have already come up with different ways to use kratom leaf extracts in their beverages.

This is an excellent step as this will help you develop recipes that suit and fit right according to metabolism and mood. Most importantly, having a custom-made smoothie will motivate you to experiment more and create more great recipes.

You can try these recipes yourself and have a Ketum -based product that is perfectly suitable for you.


Is it okay to use kratom leaf extract in chicken curry?

Yes, you can use kratom leaf extract in any savory food item. But make sure to use it with two to three drops, and not more than that; adding excessive drops might make your food taste a bit sour. As a beginner, you might want to start with the low potency as you might not want to feel inadequate by the taste of these extracts already before actually getting their nutrients.

Are Ketum leaf extracts legal in Arizona?

Yes, in many states of Arizona, it is legal to use kratom leaf extracts.

Does kratom leaf extract give a sour taste to the food?

No, it all depends upon the dosage of the extract that you are using. Generally, adding two to three drops is excellent to achieve the benefits.

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