Dg Botanicals Review – Better To Go Somewhere Else To Buy Kratom

I was trying to make an order from Dg Botanicals and it was not an easy approach for me to find this company. First off, when I went looking for them I found that they are not taking new customers any longer. They only want to serve customers that they have helped before.

Why Dg Botanicals?

Why would you not want new customers this makes no sense to me. I do not like Dg Botanicals because of that reason, I think that they do not care about the customer because they close themselves off to new ones like me. I was looking to order some kratom and wanted to get a good deal. I could not even find the products for kratom from Dg Botanicals so that I could order from them. I would say that they fail at having a good experience shopping for kratom. Because you cannot even find their menu and what they are offering. You have a chance to e-mail them and ask about it though.

Dg botanicals

Go Somewhere Else

I have not been impressed while looking at what I could find about dg botanicals. I have been trying to find some good kratom products and they are a nightmare to deal with in that they do not make it easy to shop. Go with someone who makes it very easy to shop for kratom. There are some great companies out there and this is not one of them, in my own opinion and experience. Who knows how good their products are when you cannot even get your hands on them because there is no site to order.

Important For Ordering Kratom

Easy Access To Products

When I am looking for kratom to order the most important thing is delivery and access to getting the products. I need to order from a company that I know can give me what I want. I want fast delivery, good delivery options, and a good website that details what they are offering for sale. Some kratom websites are doing such a better job than this company dg botanicals.

  • I would not order from them and I have not been happy while trying to buy something from them. They did not make it easy for me to find what is being sold by them or to give them my money so that I could get some kratom. Can you imagine that? Here I am ready to give you my money and I want kratom and you make it difficult for me?
  • A foolish thing to do I think if you want sales. Maybe they just do not want my money obviously they do not want new customers it seems if they make it easier for older customers to re-order but the new ones have difficulty. What sort of business model is this? I am not pleased with what Dg Botanicals is doing and how they are offering their products. Go somewhere else when you want to buy kratom quickly because this isn’t the answer.

Website That Works

When I buy kratom from a certain company I need to know that they are operational with a working website. This means listing products and having images, a way to buy, etc. There are kratom companies out there that do make it easy to buy and you know what?

Dg botanicals Products

  • They are the ones that get my money. I want to be able to buy my kratom in 3 or 4 clicks. I do not want to e-mail someone and wait for a response and then e-mail back and forth and try to figure it out that way. This might be how you want to get your kratom but I do not care how much the kratom costs or what quality it is, that sort of buying experience is not for me.

I was lucky enough that a friend of mine gave me a sample of theirs from Dg Botanicals and so I finally got to try it. Just what I was suspecting, good quality but not the best. I have had some good kratom and on top of buying it the experience was very easy and I had no problem. That is where I want to go shopping, with a place that makes it easy for me. When are you going to go shopping with a website if there is difficulty or a headache? Who wants to wait these days to start their shopping? Not me. I will go elsewhere and for this company, they get a not so happy to review from me. I would tell anyone who uses kratom to go with another great company out there. So many kratom vendors are working hard for their clients and they are striving to provide an exceptional experience when you buy the items.

Trying To Order From Them

From start to finish I want everything to be easy for me. This company did not give me that feeling and I will not be back looking for more. I would go with anyone else almost, any other company I can find. I want to be able to quickly pull up a company website and see a detailed list of what is offered.

  • I want coupons, deals, discounts, wide selection, none of this is what I found with Dg Botanicals when I was looking for what I could find. That gives them a lower review in my mind when I am thinking about what kratom companies out there I might prefer. I want them to do better and I hope that they do and maybe I will come back in the future looking again at what they are doing but for now, I will pass.
  • There are just too many options out there for kratom, there is no need to settle at all. I will not settle for a lower than quality company that I do not get the very best shopping and shipping experience with. These are things that get me coming back to buy from a company.

Dg Botanicals – My Kratom Life

I have been using kratom for 4 months now and this company was the 3rd one that I had come across. I have ordered many times and gotten capsules and the powder kratom variety. There are a few strains I have gone with and I have not found any favorite yet that I like taking. In general, I have enjoyed incorporating kratom into my daily life though and drinking this drink every afternoon that I can remember to take it. I will admit, some days I do not remember and some days I go without. But on the whole, I have made a good effort to take my kratom and I do see results.

  • Some people prefer capsules or powder, they have preferences, but for me, I am still choosing what works for me. I like the powder right now but I am also looking at other kratom items that are out there too. I have not been able to try any micro powder yet for example and I heard that this was a good option to try and find and purchase. I would like in the future if I could find some more products from this company and then they would make me excited to order.
  • I want to find the products easily though I do not want to have to e-mail anyone for some list to get them. This does not add convenience to my life when I want to find kratom. I am not going to work very hard to find good kratom, especially when other suppliers are making it so easy to buy from them and yes they do have quality stuff. The websites offering kratom are very diverse and there is something for everyone.

kratom Strain

  • You can find artisan sort of kratom vendors that have very unique packaging that is more basic in my mind, not much official effort into that packaging. Then other companies have very serious and professional-looking packaging. You can tell just by the logo, the material, the detailed information. Others might just use a basic clear bag and not much information or maybe no logo, just write the strain right on the front in a basic white label. This is the kratom nightmare I have been trying to avoid. I want to find quality products.

Go With Top Quality – Dg Botanicals

Kratom is important to me and I want to be sure that I am getting the very best quality of it that I can get my hands on. There are many suppliers online and this means not having to settle for an option like Dg Botanicals right now and the limited shopping experience that they have. I would rather go with someone who has a more updated and fresh site, with many kratom items listed. I want to be able to click a few times and then pay, having the package arrive quickly to my door. That is the experience I am looking for and did not find that here for sure.

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