Deep Jungle Kratom – An Honest Review

Deep Jungle Kratom is a Utah-based vendor of mitragyna speciosa that started supplying Ketum over ten years ago. Deep Jungle Kratom was one of the few vendors of mitragyna speciosa in the industry, so they became well-known in a very short time. Many fanatics of Ketum mention them as the “old schoolers” in the world of Kratom.

According to the observers’ report, the one thing buyers always contemplate while buying mitragyna speciosa or its products is purity. No man wants synthetically intensified merchandise – every person will buy the purest mitragyna speciosa product. So it’s not surprising that Deep Jungle Kratom has earned quite a notoriety by their name only.

It was showing off advanced, uncontaminated, fully organic plant chemistry. Deep Jungle Kratom is one of those companies that truthfully pledge to be the real organic Mitragyna Speciosa. And one thing you need to be careful about is that there would be many companies that will do the best marketing and will be doing client dealing well, but there’s a lot more to buying Ketum than just the sales talk.

About Deep Jungle Kratom

It can improve many things, like their humble selection, the shortage of COAs, their very finite customer support resources, and their unreasonable costs. Even though this brand is one of the best mitragyna speciosa, their prices are a bit too much. But many people insist that this vendor has the best green Malay ever, so its cause is enough to forgive each of those flaws.

How Did Deep Jungle Kratom Begin?

Two individuals named Willie and Ronda started this brand of mitragyna speciosa. They noticed that few legitimate companies are selling authentic mitragyna speciosa and thought to supply the fanatics of Ketum one hundred percent clear and natural Mitragyna Speciosa. This vendor has a separate section on their website named “About Us” provides more information on this vendor.

Reviews of Deep Jungle Kratom Products

This vendor appreciates relatively enthusiastic online attendance. So many buyers will make a special effort to talk about the company without being given rewards or discounts or prompted to do it. Reddit has been full of information about this vendor, and most of the buyers insist that the vendor sells the best stuff ever tried.

As a general rule, This vendor has been judged positively by the people who have tried it. Though a few people whine about the prices, most buyers say that the stuff is potent enough to be worth the high prices.

Are The Products Of Deep Jungle Kratom Organic?

Every vendor in the Ketum insists that they supply natural and organic Mitragyna Speciosa but is that true? The difference between the finest mitragyna speciosa and the so-so one is mostly the quality checking process that some vendors use, and some don’t.

This vendor insists that they have gotten their products of mitragyna speciosa tested by a third-party lab. However, they do not give any evidence of it. The users’ reviews on the Reddit Mitragyna Speciosa community is always the best and very enthusiastic.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

It is necessary to remember that this vendor has high-quality products, so they are highly-priced. And that clearly says that you should be expecting to pay quite a bit more than the usual stuff you buy if you want to get this vendor.

The costs of their powders are below:

  • 40 dollars for 4 pounds
  • 65 dollars for 8 pounds
  • 115 dollars for 16 pounds
  • 215 dollars for 1kg

Keep in mind that there are some unique brands out there that sells a kilo of powder for as low as $80 to $90 each, which means that Deep Jungle’s Kratom – even if you get it in bulk– will cost more than double the price of other vendors.

The prices of the Deep Jungle Kratom’s Capsules now:

  • 25ct for $13.50
  • 50ct for $24.50
  • 100ct for $45.50

Now there’s one notable thing: this vendor doesn’t charge any shipping fee no matter how little or how much you’re getting. But if you want your stuff to be shipped faster, they offer accelerated shipping for an added $8.Deep Jungle Kratom’s website has a small portion during checkout where you can use any coupon code if you have access to one.

But the real problem is where to find the code. This vendor’s website does not have a newsletter sign-up section or anything, so there is no way to get notified whenever a sale or promotion occurs. Also, this vendor does not have that much of a presence online on social media and that means you can’t rely on them to give a coupon code or discount code to anyone, not even on special seasons or festivals.

Payment Methods Accepted by Deep Jungle Kratom

At Deep Jungle Kratom, there are many options and ways to pay for your order like bank transfers, Cash on delivery, checks, money orders, and even more. Unfortunately, most mitragyna speciosa brands cannot do bank transfers for payments as most do not permit dealings linked to mitragyna speciosa.

Best Products Of Deep Jungle Kratom

Some Of The Best Products Of Deep Jungle Kratom

Deep Jungle Kratom has been around here for years, and it’s not surprising that they have so many products of Korth now. And that is why most of the reviews of this vendor present a diverse product range when it comes to this vendor.

This vendor supplies a list of the best quality strains of mitragyna speciosa in the form of a capsule or powder of mitragyna speciosa. The most commonly known strains of mitragyna speciosa on their website as of now are below:

1- White Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder

The White vein strain of mitragyna speciosa remains to let the user feel restorative and exuberant for a long time, without the regular crash we feel with caffeine. So if you ever need a dose of caffeine or a boost of energy to get you through the day, then White Vein is the best option for you. The White vein Kratom also helps sharpen focus and interest in your surroundings.

2- Maeng Da Kratom Powder (Green)

The maeng da kratom strain is derived after grafting it with other Korth. As a result, it is more steady and more potent than different Ketum. Also, this kratom strain is not liable to the surroundings, for example, the harsh weather or anything that might lessen its effects. The conclusion of what differentiates Maeng Da kratom from the other strains is its mobile alkaloid concentration. The alkaloid concentration of Maeng Da is remarkably higher than different strains due to this being a grafted strain. There are two very portable alkaloids in Maeng Da: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

3- Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder (Bali)

Red Bali is a strain of mitragyna speciosa. It originated from Southeast Asia like all the other kratom strains. Though the plant of Red Borneo can grow anywhere; the conditions of Borneo, Bali, and other regions allow it to grow perfectly.

4- Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (Green)

The Maeng Da Kratom Capsule is derived from Ketum trees endemic to Thailand. Generally interpreted as “Pimp Grade” in Thai, Maeng Da kratom is one of our primary leaves.

Deep Jungle Kratom Shipping Process

There is not that much information regarding the shipping process of Deep Jungle Kratom. However, if you scroll down their website, you will know that they come up with free First Class Shipping and offer a priority shipping upgrade.

You can connect with them by visiting their headquarters in Utah or Clearfield. Another way to communicate with them is to email them. Also, they provide a form on their site that is used to get any questions answered after filling in.

Reputation Of Deep Jungle Kratom Among Users

As I have been mentioning throughout this article, Deep Jungle Kratom has a wealth of clients. There’s a thread on Reddit that is devoted to this vendor, and on that thread, you will be getting evidence on how much the Deep Jungle Kratom has been and is being worshipped. The line said that they have been ordering from this vendor for years and the first response to that was, “I was a big fan of them in the past, and they were my first vendor…to this day, DJK still has my all-time favorite Red Borneo.”

Another person said that he found two of the ideal strains of Ketum when he first tried this vendor. Then, after six months, he placed another order for the same thing, and they weren’t as good, which was disappointing. But it’s still worth it. It’s just that everyone’s body chemistry is different at the start.

Customer Service At Deep Jungle Kratom

A satisfied customer of Deep Jungle Kratom recently reviewed on Reddit that “they’re good guys, and the shipments always arrive quickly.” That was good to see, and it’s evidence of their long history in the mitragyna speciosa and how they have survived even with so much competition. But, there is still one point, no one has mentioned their return policy as of yet (if there is any), and also, there is no other way to contact them except to send an email to their orders department.

Pros And Cons Of Deep Jungle Kratom

The Pros And Cons Of Deep Jungle Kratom

So we know that there are a lot of advantages to purchasing Deep Jungle Kratom, but there are a lot of disadvantages as well. So let’s check out the pros and cons of buying mitragyna speciosa from Deep Jungle Kratom.


  • Multiple payment methods.
  • The best quality.
  • If you want your package faster, you can do it by paying an additional $8.
  • Product Variety.


  • Unreasonably high prices.
  • There’s no evidence of the third-party lab tests though they claim they do get it done.


The reviews that have been found from real-world customers specify that this vendor has been every bit as reputable as it was before. However, we have been very disheartened after checking out the new menu options of this vendor that are not as potent as they used to be.

Also, we have not been that happy with the lack of clarity on their return policy. But despite that, this vendor has earned its name  among one of the most long-lasting vendors of mitragyna speciosa. Even after having an average quality website, they have gotten a lot of grace. This vendor is still worth checking out. So this is all about the review of this vendor, and as you can see this vendor has been in this industry for a long and has earned great respect for the quality products.

Although there are a few flaws like the unreasonably high prices, they claim that they have done all third-party lab tests but give no evidence of it, so there’s no way to tell what’s there in their products. Yet, even after all this, users on Reddit insist that the effects of this vendor are of the best quality, and they are potent enough that it’s worth the price.


Does This Vendor Provide Free Samples?

Even after doing a lot of research, unfortunately, there was not much on this topic, so there’s no answer to this question.

How Many Days Does Deep Jungle Kratom Take To Deliver The Parcel?

It can take them up to 2 days to deliver your parcel. The delivery can be very quick at times but can be delayed sometimes.

What kind of ketum capsules are recommended for beginners?

A beginner is recommended to use the red vein strain of ketum as it has the lowest quantity of kratom present.

How Many Kinds Of Mitragyna Speciosa Strains Does This Vendor Sell?

Deep Jungle Kratom sells four kinds of strains of mitragyna speciosa and they are as follows:

  • White Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da Mitragyna Speciosa Powder (Green)
  • Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder (Bali)
  • Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (Green)

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