Carpo’s botanicals Kratom – A Complete Truth Revealed

It is not strange to see a Kratom lover striving to find a trustworthy Kratom vendor. Not all vendors can keep up with the quality, so many consumers seem to be disappointed. Wouldn’t that be awesome news to know that there is a vendor who claims to remove any product that fails to meet the standards? Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom is the vendor we are talking about.

Known for rendering premium quality Mitragyna Speciosa and other botanicals Kratom, there is surely more to know about this brand. To explore it all, begin reading this review until we meet again at the end.

About Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom is a Washington-based brand and has a vast array of botanicals Kratom to offer. They don’t have an updated website, but their shelves hold herbs, mushroom extracts, and seeds. Besides, people choose them to shop from because they offer free samples and welcome feedback.

The vendor mentions that if any product does not meet the quality standards, it is immediately removed. Moreover, it only stocks quality stuff and carefully selects and sources strains.

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom Product Line

Well, if you are looking to choose from a great variety of Kratom, then this brand is not for you. Lately, they only have two powders in stock. Green Kali Kratom and Red Kali Kratom are what they are selling. However, they maintain the quality of products they offer. In a nutshell, they don’t compromise on quality to provide quantity.

As they feel free to offer samples, customers can try various items to decide which one blends well with them.All their products are processed under strict guidelines and are run through lab tests. Any product that fails to meet the standards is discarded right away.

Processed by professionals, their high-quality product range is not limited to Kratom only but other botanicals Kratom. Some of their products are:

  • Mushroom Extracts
  • Mind Herbs
  • Body Herbs
  • Resin Necklaces

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom Price

You can’t find full Kratom kilos here but coming towards prices, you can find three Kratom powders for three different prices. Below are the average prices mentioned.

  Amount of Kratom Powder

Quantity                     Price

One Ounce                 $10

¼  Kg (250 g )             $68

⅛ Kg (125 g )             $38

Lab Testing

Besides holding potent strains and so many important herbs, this vendor sells only organic items. All its product range undergoes lab testing. The qualified staff supervises the collection process and manufacturing all along. The end product is free of any heavy metals, pesticides, and contamination. However, it isn’t very pleasant to know that they don’t have their lab testing records displayed on their website.

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom is not even affiliated with the American Kratom Association (AKA). People usually prefer to shop from AKA-approved vendors because the organization ensures that the vendors are following all quality criteria.

About the Website

Although their website is pretty much old school, they have their address and email address mentioned. The website is overall user-friendly and has relevant information and policies mentioned. However, you are not likely to find their contact number on their website. So, you need to look for the contact number elsewhere.

Customer Reviews

By visiting multiple reviews, it is noticed that there are both bad and good reviews. However, what many people are seen to be praising is the quality of their products. People say that the strains they purchased through this brand were among the best ones they tried. Moreover, the bad usually involves lacking variety, not accepting credit cards or Cryptocurrency, and their range is pricey. Also, they don’t have any coupon codes to offer.

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

At Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom, the customer service works devotedly to meet the needs of customers. They are available even to guide you. As we all know, dedicated and active customer service makes it a lot easier for you to make purchases comfortably. Furthermore, they usually respond through email.

They don’t have their phone number mentioned, and the only way for you to contact them is through a contact form. The contact form is available under the customer service section. You usually receive replies on time, but holidays and Sundays; they don’t reply.

Payment Methods

Luckily, you have the facility to avail more than one payment option at Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom. These options include Money order, Check, and Cash. However, it does not facilitate you to pay through a major credit card or Cryptocurrency.


This brand does not have only one delivery option, but they choose delivery sources keeping in view the location of their clients, so they receive everything on time. On the flip side, they only deliver it to the customers in the United States. However, some states in the U.S are not lucky enough to receive their orders from Carpo’s.

These states include Vermont, Rhode Island, Indiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. On the other hand, it does not ship the products internationally either. Customers receive their orders in 1 to 3 days, whereas Sundays are off.

Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom Guarantee Policy

What could be better than a brand offering you a month-long guarantee on the products you purchase? Well, at Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom, you get assisted this way. If you receive a compromised or expired item from them, you can get in touch with them, and they will help sort your issue out. This gesture proves that they have an impressive product range to offer.

Carpo's botanicals


Voila! Now you have a good amount of knowledge about Carpo’s Botanicals Kratom and all it has to serve you with. Despite some negative reviews, there is also a lot of good available about it. Due to the same reason, they have a good amount of clients. Moreover, some people prefer buying pocket-friendly items regardless of the quality, so this brand is certainly not for such people.

They have only two strains to choose from, and people prefer diversity, and this is where this brand may not be the one for them. However, they maintain the quality of whatever they offer. Consequently, they have only two Kratom powder strains, but they are definitely up to par.

Coming towards prices, if they sell quality strains, then the products are worth the price. One more best thing about this brand is that their products go through lab testing. Lab testing and meeting standards ensure that their variety is safe and free of any harmful substances, but the results are not displayed on the site.

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