Is Authenticity of Captain Kratom Valid?

Captain Kratom is a vendor of all-natural Kratom powder, capsules, and tinctures to help you live your best life. They offer a 10% discount on the first purchase so that you can buy what you need without worrying about the price.  Its motto is “mind, body, and spirit,” which proves its commitment to sourcing from reputable distributors.

These distributors also share these values to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. All the products are laboratory tested for purity and potency with no additives or fillers to be consumed with confidence.  With a money-back guarantee, the company provides safe access for those looking to try this ancient herbal plant for themselves or family members suffering from various debilitating symptoms.

The vendor has won the trust of customers since 2006. The owner wanted a brand based in Los Angeles that worked with Kratom exclusively. They introduced this beneficial herb to the city by setting up Captain Kratom. Fifteen years is a long time to be in business, especially when this botanical was not well-known in the US. However, being in Thailand, the owner knew Ketum was helpful for those who would love to have this botanical for various ailments.  The brand has a credible reputation in the online market. Those who love Ketum understand its working and how it should be endorsed.

The owner took the responsibility of launching only authentic products under its belt. Although the website has limited products, the delivery is promising and ensures eminence.  Captain Kratom is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products while also being committed to customer satisfaction. With an easy-to-use website and excellent prices, the Kratom vendor has made itself stand out as one of the best online sellers of Ketum products.

Captain Kratom

Captain Kratom Products

On the official website, the list of products includes Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, Kratom + CBD, and Ketum bundles. One downside is that even though they offer all popular Kratom strains, it is not according to their vein colors. Users usually buy Ketum in vein colors as the effects can vary with every strain color.

Howbeit, when purchasing from Captain Kratom, you won’t know the vein color you would be getting, which is a significant downside. Nonetheless, one thing that might be considered their best-offered product is the CBD enriched Kratom. This combination is unique and still pretty novel, as not many vendors have it in their product list.

Here are all the quality-approved and authentic products sold by the vendor:

What Has Captain Kratom To Offer

Besides the safe and convenient packaging, Captain Kratom delivers what they promise. Here are some more highlights of why this business has successfully stayed in the market as a leading vendor for more than a decade and a half.


The pricing is a little higher than other brands. The online website is currently offering only two products, Ketum in powder and capsules. Although being pricier, they still get out of stock very quickly as compared to the other vendors. This proves that Captain Kratom has indeed won their clientele’s trust.

Moreover, they usually have sales or discount offers going on around the year. They have deals on almost all the products even now, which makes their Ketum pretty affordable.

Getting in detail, the powder Ketum is differently priced per strain.

  • For Thai and Bali, the price starts from $16.99 and goes up to $52.99.
  • The Maeng Da Kratom powder price is $19.99 and goes as high as $55.99.
  • The Vietnam strain price is $24.99 to $60.99. Additionally, there is a powder bundle that costs $79.99 to $189.99.

Similarly, Kratom capsules are sold in three packages. Every 15 grams of kratom package contains 25 capsules, 30 grams contain 50 capsules, and 60 grams include 100 capsules.

Here is the price listing of the herbal capsules available at Captain Kratom:

  • Capsule bundle (100 capsules): $94.99 to $209.99
  • Vietnam Capsule: $29.99 to $64.99
  • Maeng-Da capsules: $24.99 TO $60.99
  • Bali and Thai capsules: $19.99 to $55.99 each
  • Kratom CBD Capsules: $34.99 to $86.99

Customer Service

Besides being a reputable name in the market, Captain Kratom has excellent customer service. Online help ensures every possibility to guide all the customers in coming up with answers to their queries. With a powerful understanding of Ketum, online support cancels out all the customer’s misunderstandings during the conversation. With a 30 days refund/exchange policy, the support stays in contact until the customer is delighted.


The company offers free shipping on orders above $50. However, on orders below this amount, customers have to pay to ship. The ground shipping is $3.99, and the express shipping is $25. If the customer places an order within the working days, they will likely get the product within ten business days. Otherwise, it can take between two to four weeks to get the product if there is any sale on the official website.

Special Offers

There is an ongoing sale on the official website. Other than that, there are currently no coupons or subscriber discounts available. Being in the market for more than a decade, the brand has built enough customer validity that special offers get sold out quickly. Further, they also provide discount coupons for their subscribers to strengthen their email list.

Payment And Returns

Besides being budget-friendly, Captain Kratom offers multiple payment options like Visa Card, American Express, and Mastercard. Talking about the returns policy, they usually try to offer exchanges in place of returning the items. If the customer is adamant about returning, the refunds are applied and processed within only 30 days of the purchase. The product must be unused and unopened. Otherwise, the buyer might have to pay extra charges if the condition doesn’t fall under the requirements.

Captain Kratom Affiliate Program

Captain Kratom is a new affiliate program for Kratom vendors. The company offers an exclusive 5% commission on sales to its affiliates. These sales are available as coupons and Paypal payments. The Ketum vendor provides free social media marketing posts and banners for its affiliates and regular contests with prizes, such as free products and discounts.

Quality Control

With promised quality control and effective results, Captain Kratom lab-tests all the strains. However, the brand doesn’t have any verified results to show the customers. Another essential factor to share is that the brand is not GMP-approved and does not have American Kratom Association accreditation. They are not even on this list that is attempting to get an accreditation. This sounds unsettling for an old brand that has been doing business for the longest time.

Captain Kratom Downsides

Captain Kratom is the oldest vendor that got a lot of buzz over the years. It offers some fantastic deals on its Ketum, and it’s straightforward to navigate the site. However, you should know about the downsides of using this vendor before buying from them.

Lack Of Capsule Variety

The biggest con is the lack of capsule variety available on the site. This can be frustrating if you’re not interested in taking your daily dose by measuring the powder into capsules by yourself each day.

Enhances Blends 

The customer can’t create their custom blends. This makes it problematic if you’re new to Kratom or want specific strains for different health reasons.

Too high Prices

Captain Kratom charges an extra $10 for shipping and handling, making the total cost more expensive than it needs to be. The company also has restrictive payment options at checkout with a credit card or PayPal only.

Captain Kratom

What Do The Users Say?

For a brand as old as 15 years in a country where Kratom has been famous for just as long, it is not surprising that Captain Kratom has an excellent reputation online. Although they don’t have many reviews on their website, Kratom consumers have mostly good things about their products on online forums like Reddit. However, most users find their Kratom weaker than what they have tried from other online vendors. Nevertheless, they prefer Captain Kratom LA’s strains over the overpriced quality available at the local headshops.

Bottom Line

Captain Kratom is currently one of the oldest vendors that most Ketum customers trust for their Ketum needs. They have been in business for a total of 15 years. This brand has a wide selection of strains and types, excellent customer service, fair prices, and a quick delivery time. Although they are a bit more expensive than the other brands, special offers usually cover it up.

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