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When Looking For Kratom To Buy

I had a friend tell me about their experience with kratom and it inspired me to go looking to try it on my own. I was not even sure where to look so I went online and quickly found a few options. I ordered some kratom and tried it and within 2 weeks I could start to see a bit of a difference.

Now I take it regularly, have been for 3 months now. I decided to try ordering some kratom from the Canopy Botanicals kratom company. I found the website as soon as I started looking and clicked on ‘kratom’ and found a few different options to choose from. I did not spend much time looking before I came across this one so I have only tried this company for kratom for now. I might try something different later but right now this one works.

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Canopy Botanicals Kratom – Best Green Thai Kratom Around

I have tried a couple of different strains from Canopy Botanicals and the one that I like the most is Green Thai kratom powder. There are different sizes to get here with the Green Thai powder option and this includes choices for what size you want.

  •  25 grams
  •  125 grams
  •  250 grams
  •  1kg

I was not sure what to expect when taking kratom at first I did not want to get stuck with 1kg and not know what I might do with it. I went with the 25 grams first of the Green Thai kratom powder to try it out. I started taking just 2mg a day of this leaf powder for the kratom from Canopy Botanicals.

On the site, it said the kratom was coming from Indonesia and I could not tell whether or not this was a fresh supply. It looked like what you would expect your kratom powder to look like though, when I search for kratom online it looks just like it.

I am new to kratom and only taking for a few months but I feel like it has impacted my energy and overall how I feel. This is why I keep taking it but I tried more than just the Green Thai kratom powder from Canopy Botanicals. There are a couple of others like I said that I have tried too.

Ones I have tried from Canopy Botanicals kratom company:

  •  Red Borneo kratom powder
  •  Gold Bali kratom powder
  •  Green Malay kratom powder
  •  Green Thai kratom powder

My Experience With Canopy Kratom Company

I just ordered the Gold Bali kratom powder and just started taking it only for a few days. I wanted to see if there was a difference in the taste and what I might be able to experience overall when taking the kratom. I did not want to settle on just one because what if you can get better results from something else? I wanted to try more even though the Green Thai one was working for me and I could see a noticeable difference. I thought what if I cannot find the Green Thai at some point and need to try another kratom powder I wonder if it would work for me. I wonder what the other ones tasted like.

A Big Variety Here With Canopy Botanicals Kratom When You Want Kratom Powder Options

I like that Canopy botanical has so many different options under the kratom section for me to try. I like a big variety because I do not want only one or two choices, the more choices the better. This way I can find something that I really like and that really works just for me and my own body.


I was not a big fan of the Red Borneo, I just didn’t like the taste on that one or the feel of it. I dropped that one gave it away for someone else to try. I went back after that to the Green Malay kratom powder and gave that one a couple of weeks try and it wasn’t the same for me that I got with the Green Thai kratom powder. Overall, I just really like the taste and the feel of the Green Thai kratom powder and how I have been feeling when taking that one.

Trying More With Canopy Kratom

But I was not ready to stop after trying only one kind so that is when I decided to go ahead and ordered the Gold Bali. And I might even order some others too because there are others that I have not tried yet. I started with the only 2mg but have been working my way up and now I need a bigger size for kratom. Canopy Botanicals gives me the multiple options so far I have only ordered the lowest version of 25 grams but eventually, I could see myself making my way up to 250 grams maybe or more.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom – A Unique Choice For Kratom Supply

There are some really unique kratom options that I have not heard of before, like the Stargazer Blend from Canopy Botanicals. This one is on my try list for the future. Overall there are almost 20 different kinds of kratom that I could find from Canopy Botanicals that are for sale on the site and I was quickly able to narrow it down on a few that I wanted to try.

The photos really make them look good and they do them justice because the powder looks just like that when you get it. After I got my Green Thai I looked back and sure enough, it was basically the same color. I was really happy to see that I was not misled about what I was getting. I have had no problem with what I thought I was ordering and what I eventually got in the mail. The Green Thai is the one that I have had the best experience with as far as taste and feel, what results I am seeing, so If I keep seeing low results from others I might just stick with that.

Canopy Botanicals effects

Green Thai From Canopy Kratom

I have tried several aside from Green Thai and nothing really compared the same just yet. This tells me that Green Thai is perhaps one of the best kratom options to go with. If you are looking for a recommendation then you might want to give that one a try first.

The kratom powder looked clean and mixed easily when I tried to mix it. The color is bright and I could tell that it was good quality powder. The prices are great too I did not have to pay very much in order to be able to order the lowest version size that they had of the kratom powder.

Since I am trying a bunch of different types too I do not want to spend a lot of money. But since the Green Thai has really been helping me with my energy levels and feeling better I am willing to pay well for that one. I have tried other kratom strains and it is true that some might not work the same as others. You do need to shop around a bit to see what works.

I was able to try a few smaller samples out of the different kratom powders and see for myself that those would not be better options. I did not like the others from Canopy Botanicals that I had tried but I have had really good luck with the Green Thai. Maybe after I try one or two more I will just stick with Green Thai because I know that this is what works for me.

After trying only the smaller version for the kratom powder now I want more. I am willing to order a much larger size because Canopy Botanicals delivered to be the first time. Everything was good. I would go back to order again so that I can get more kratom powder and store that away to use over a long period of time. I like deals and options.

I have noticed that if I ever miss one of my few doses of my kratom then I do not get the same impact from taking it, the same good vibes aren’t there for me. I am strict with taking my kratom so I try to stay on a regular schedule with the kratom. Life can get crazy sometimes with school and friends etc, work, but I try to remind myself to take my dose.

The kratom powder has been easy for me to mix and take and in general I feel great because I am taking it now. I feel a lot better than I probably would if I didn’t have it and so that is why I keep taking kratom every single day. I just measure out a small amount mix it and then after I have had my low dose I am good to go after that. I didn’t think I would enjoy kratom this much and keep coming back to try more but I have really been loving the Green Thai from Canopy Botanicals.

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