Can You Buy Kratom At GNC?

GNC is one of the world’s largest corporations that are the health supplements market. They have one of the widest product ranges available and have supplements that are marketed for almost any type of desire. This has led many people to assume that they would also carry Kratom in stock since it is a popular herbal supplement. Unfortunately, many of them are disappointed to find out that this is not the case when they walk in the store.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to purchase Kratom inside of a GNC for some peculiar but specific reasons. Take a close look and analyze exactly why this is the way it is and determine Kratom’s precise status.

The Legal Status Of Kratom In The United States

Kratom is not technically illegal in the United States, so it is legal to sell and purchase, but there are some caveats. Even though no regulations are banning the sale or trade of Kratom between parties on either the federal or state levels, that does not mean that you are under arrest from governmental authorities.

  • The Food and Drug Administration should regularly inspect the products that are being sold in this industry and regularly sees the products if they detect that anything is amiss, according to their inspectors.
  • The result is that companies that operate in this industry will typically lose millions of dollars over time, especially if they are engaged in interstate trade.

That makes it especially difficult for companies like GNC which operate in more than one state.

Credit Card Processing Issues

If harassment from the food and drug administration was not the only concern, you might be able to find the caring some Kratom in stock, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

  • There are also some serious limitations when it comes to how they can accept payments. When a company processes a credit card transaction, the credit issuer can determine whether or not they will finance the purchase.
  • Many of the major credit card companies have publicly stated that they will refuse to allow purchases with companies that sell Kratom. Insiders in the financial industry say that this is due to the high risk of the products.
  • Because of this, it can cause serious issues for a company if their credit card processors find out that they have been selling Kratom without telling the credit card processing company.

To avoid these problems, GNC instead of ops to avoid the issue entirely by two sell the product at all.

The Food And Drug Administration’s Views On Kratom

The Food and Drug Administration has not released very many guidelines regarding commerce involving Kratom. They have not explicitly forbidden the practice, but the exact legal status is unclear.

  • They have floated the idea of issuing a band, but popular support has prevented this from coming to pass so far. Many people assume that because it can be challenging to find Kratom inside retail stores, it is illegal that this is untrue.
  • It is not on any of the scheduled substances lists the police the trade of controlled substances in the United States. Some unique liability concerns are attributed to carrying the product, which helps to add further pressure on GNC.
  • This pressure helps to ensure that they do not carry the product in their physical locations were listed on their online storefront either.

Protecting The Company From Liability

There could be the fear of the liability and the concerns associated with that constant preventing Lindsay from taking more proactive steps at opening up their shelves to stocking Kratom.

  • GNC has not lacked experience in the lawsuit industry, and they are taking every step they can to prevent being brought into another one ever since their last 2015 lawsuit.
  • Stocking high-risk items are one of the riskiest things that you can do as a company if you are trying to avoid coming under the scrutiny of government regulations and the regulators that enforce them.
  • There are examples of families that have tried to sue companies for selling Kratom after the death of a person who consumed some of that Kratom. There are many compounding factors with most of these cases, but the simple fact is that there is a risk associated with carrying these products for the company; many companies, including GNC, do not want to assume it.

Instead of carrying the product, they want to miss out on the potential cells they could have and do not carry it at all to avoid the potential risks associated with it.

Sourcing Kratom Reliably

This has led many people to wonder where they can get Kratom and if it is possible to source Kratom reliably that is of high quality. Luckily thanks to the Internet, there are fewer barriers to trade than there were in the past, and it is more than possible to find both private growers or companies that are selling high-quality credit products online.

One of the best things about the Internet is that you can look at user reviews to get a sense of what the community thinks about a particular vendor’s products.

Online Sources Versus Local Sources

Although Kratom may not be carried in many big-name franchises that have retail stores and multiple states across the country, it does not mean you cannot find it in any stores.

If you look hard enough, you will be able to find various head jobs, smoke shops, and sometimes you may even find a gas station that has some of it in stock. There are also plenty of online vendors sources that often have on the even more comprehensive selection, and most of the time have much more competitive pricing.

If you are looking for the most convenient and fastest options, purchasing from a physical store makes the most sense, while purchasing from an online source is the most cost-effective option.

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