Boosted Kratom: A Wholesale Distributor Of High-Quality Kratom Strains

Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs are no joke. This is why people around the globe are turning back to natural medicinal herbs, which don’t have nearly as many side effects but also work in different ways from one another. This means that you can experience health benefits without experiencing problems with other medications or causing yourself a herbal allergy.

More and more people are discovering the incredible benefits of Kratom. However, it’s only Southeast Asian countries that have been using this unique plant for centuries. However, Western nations are also coming to know about its extraordinary properties lately. 

Vendors are also starting their businesses to serve customer needs. Though, not all of them provide the best quality and services on their product line, which is why you should always do your research first. Here, we will review a known vendor named Boosted Kratom for you to see whether they are worth buying from or not.


Boosted Kratom: Manufacturer Or Dealer?

Boosted Kratom is technically a manufacturer that is known to source their Kratom directly from Southeast Asia. Boosted Kratom is an old and established manufacturer, which may be why they did not start an online store. You can find their products through various vendors, local stores, gas stations, and smoke shops. 

This vendor offers a variety of powders that deliver distinct effects -proving the quality of each choice. Their products also provide benefits that are not seen in other smoke shop brands. They are good in quality and have user-friendly packaging options to use at home or while traveling abroad.

Boosted kratom

Their Product Collection

Boosted Kratom offers a diversity of strains, including red, white and green. However, their Yellow and Gold strains are the ones that have taken the consumers by surprise. Gold Extract offered by Boosted Kratom is becoming a new sensation among Ketum enthusiasts.

As of now, Boosted Kratom’s product line-up consists of 36 products that include both powders and capsules. Their collection comprises almost all the prominent strains, including 

● Green Hulu

● Red Bali

● White Borneo

● White Maeng Da

● Red Malay

● Red Hulu

● Super Green Maeng Da

Additionally, a proprietary blend named Trainwreck offered by Boosted Kratom is Kratom connoisseurs’ favorite among all the combinations present in the Ketum market. This Kratom mixture incorporates as many as eleven strains with their unique alkaloid profile and provides the consumer with a full spectrum of benefits and effects. Trainwreck is what you will want to try if you have been using Kratom for some time now. 

They also have a variety of CBD hemp liquids in various flavors, including strawberry and lemon. They are offered in a measure of a 300mg bottle.


What Is It Going To Cost Me?

At Boosted Kratom, all the strains and blends that are available in powdered form are also present in the form of capsules. Their capsules come in sealed mylar bags in sizes of either 65 or 150 counts per packet. Their powders come in lengths of 60g, 250g, or 1kg.Because it is tough to find an online kratom vendor that sells their products, you’re also not likely to know precisely how much they cost.

The only way for most customers of this company is by buying from a dealer, local stores, and gas stations. 

I came across a wholesale Kratom vendor that sells its products to Ketum businesses. Though, you have to contact them with your business information to know about prices. However, Boosted Kratom has become a sort of distributor. That is why their prices would be lower than other Kratom vendors, as they do not have to invest in marketing to promote their products.


Payment choices

This brand offers several payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrencies including bitcoins, E-checks, Zelle and a lot more for wholesale buyers. However, regular customers have to buy their products from vendors and merchants and comply with the payment options they offer.

Returns And Refunds

Boosted Kratom is a wholesaler of high-quality kratom products. They work with third-party vendors all over North America to bring their superior herbal remedies to the public in an easy, safe, and affordable way. 

Because of this reason, your damage claims and other refund issues would also be addressed according to the policies of the vendor you chose to buy Boosted Kratom’s products from.

Discounts And Offers

If you want discounts on their products, your best chance would be to find a vendor that carries Boosted Kratom’s products and offers discounts and promo codes for their customers. Otherwise, you should compromise on discounts and enjoy their quality collection.

Customer Service

They must have excellent customer service for Kratom business owners. However, we could not confirm that as we are consumers only. 

If you love Boosted Kratom products and are afraid of subpar customer service, choose a vendor that excels in that area. This will sort your fear of issues after purchasing.


Reviews From Consumers

Boosted Kratom is a well-renowned Kratom brand that many people know about. Howbeit, it can be tough to figure out the quality of products they offer and their customer service. The brand name “Boosted Kratom” isn’t something you would typically encounter frequently while searching online. The fact that there are almost no reviews or posts about it online can raise many questions in your mind if you wish to try their products.

A quick Google search revealed many results about boosting Ketum, but not so much information precisely regarding Boosted Kratom. Maybe this is because of their lack of an online store when most of the business is being done online. However, for those who have articles written about them detailing how impressive Boosted Kratom’s effects are in comparison with other vendors, their inexpensive products, and quality assurance- you’re unlikely to regret giving this company a chance.


● They offer high-quality products.

● Variety of strains present.

● They provide exotic blends.

● Lab results provided.


● Do not have a website.

● Less presence on the online marketplace.

● Near to no customer reviews found on any social media forum.

Boosted kratom

Bottom Line


It’s tough to find kratom powder and capsules online of this particular brand. You might have luck with some online vendors, but if not, then you’ll be on your hunt for that perfect blend. The only way to get your hands on some of these powders and capsules is by going through serious digging. Sadly, there’s no customer support channel, so you could be taking a gamble with this purchase if you don’t find a trusted vendor.

Boosted Kratom is a brand with a remarkable product line-up. They offer something for everyone. But without their website, you might not know how to get your hands on any of these products. This issue can cause Boosted Kratom’s downfall if they do not deal with it as soon as possible. Because, in their short life, people do not have the spare time to spend looking for some product they like. They would indeed move on to another option that would be convenient and easy to access. 

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