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If you don’t want to read through this entire review, you can visit The Golden Monk for all your Kratom needs, but I encourage you to stick around.

Let me make my case so that you see why The Golden Monk should be your go-to Kratom supplier.

The Hard Truth

There’s no doubt that Kratom’s popularity is skyrocketing and for good reason. It offers several benefits. Perhaps you want it because of its mood-enhancing properties. Maybe you want the product to help your anxiety. Whatever the reason, you want the best because that means you’ll get exactly what you need from it. I know all of this because that’s exactly what I was looking for. In essence, I’m just a customer like you who’s looking for the best.

  • As a customer, the hard truth must be told, which is that Kratom isn’t created equal. There are variations in quality. If you want your money’s worth, then quality is something you need to pay attention to.
  • You can hunt for good Kratom online and will quickly find out it’s overwhelming. There are many sites out there selling it, so you won’t know where to start. Ideally, you could try every site until you find the best one, but that is a waste of time and money.

Thankfully, someone has done most of the work for you. I will highlight a few reasons why The Golden Monk is where you want to go for all your Kratom needs.

What Matters When Choosing a Supplier?

Kratom is a plant, and that is important to keep in mind when choosing a supplier. The potency of the plant depends on several things. The care during growth, the source, freshness, how it was handled, and much more is important. The right company will pay attention to every detail. If the company cares about its reputation, it’ll supply you with something good. The Golden Monk seems to be a company that cares.

Digging Into the Sources

  • It’s important to remember that Kratom comes from the Southeast Asia region.
  • A vendor that gets its Kratom from a grower in this region is a vendor you can trust.
  • Furthermore, if the vendor is close to the grower, you may get a fresher product.

Understanding Handling

where to buy

  • Kratom needs to be handled correctly and with love. If a company only cares about packaging, then this company may not handle the substance with care.
  • Make sure the vendor can tell you something about the grower’s handling process. Be sure to ask the right questions. Find out how the plant was handled during growth when it was picked, and how it was processed.
  • On top of that, it would be a good idea to ensure the product was tested thoroughly. A vendor that cares about you considered all of this. You should know what steps were taken to provide contamination-free products.

Addressing Packaging

  • The next thing you need to dig into when you are searching for a good Kratom provider deals with packaging.
  • Sadly, some online providers send you the product in a package that won’t survive the trip. It’ll be a shame if you open your box and find an opened packaged.
  • Keep in mind this is a natural product that can deteriorate if it’s not packaged correctly. You want a package with quality materials and bags you can close to help preserve freshness.

Age Makes a Difference

  • Yes, for the most part, age is just a number but not in this case. When it comes to your Kratom, age is important. If the product is too old, you might not get all the goodness this substance can offer.
  • Sadly, some online companies sell Kratom that’s been sitting in a warehouse for a long time. The Golden Monk online store prides itself on freshness. You don’t have to worry about this issue with them.

What Makes the Golden Monk the Right Place?

You’ve heard someone tell you they’ve discovered the best option out there. I know that because I was just like you, reading Kratom reviews saying the same thing. I didn’t want to be like those folks who just talk and don’t prove anything. No, I want to convince you, and that’s exactly what I’m going to try to do.

Powerful Effects

  • One reason I’m convinced The Golden Monk site can be trusted is because of the product. The Kratom product I received had the strongest effects I’ve experienced.
  • I didn’t take a high Kratom dosage but stayed within the recommended guidelines. A gram of Kratom is recommended. I did a little more research. I tried to figure out what made this particular product so potent. It seems it has to do with its alkaloid content. The higher this is, the better the Kratom.

Alkaloid content depends on freshness, care, packaging, and other things mentioned earlier. As a side note, the better the Kratom, the less of it you need to get the result you are hoping for. This means your product will last longer, and that ends up saving money in the long run.

Good Services

  • When you shop online, you want to make sure the customer service is good. You don’t have the luxury of talking to someone in person. The site has to provide excellent customer service. You need to feel comfortable doing business with them.
  • The Golden Monk not only has an excellent FAQ section where most questions are answered for you. The site has a very responsive team.
  • Questions about the product are answered quickly. This is what you want when you are working with a company online.

Knowing all of this made me feel confident to place an order with them. This is another reason I’m willing to recommend them.

Highlighting Ordering

  • The site also made it easy to place orders. You wouldn’t believe the many sites out there with confusing processes. Not only will you be able to order without hassles, but you also get a great delivery experience.
  • It seems the site offers different delivery options. Most folks have their stuff delivered using their USPS Priority option. That means you’ll get your package in about two to three days.

Other people decide to use their USPS Express option, which normally takes one or two days. The site states an order is shipped on the same day it is placed. Of course, you must order early on in the day, excluding Sundays since there is no shipping on Sundays.

What Does the Site Offer?

what thegoldenmonk offers

One thing I was concerned about is variety. Thankfully, The Golden Monk doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find real premium Kratom powder there. You won’t find products with Kratom extract rather than the real deal. For those who don’t know what Kratom extract is, don’t worry I’ll get into that in a bit.

The following are some products you can find there:

Kratom Capsules

  1. When it comes to convenience, there’s no doubt that Kratom capsules are great. One problem I encountered in my search is that many companies offered the wrong dosage.
  2. This is something you don’t have to worry about with The Golden Monk. The site offers 500mg capsules, which is what you want. Now, I do need to tell you that these are gelatin capsules. The site doesn’t offer a vegan-friendly alternative at the moment.
  3. The site knows this is something many folks need. At the moment, the gelatin option is the most inexpensive out there. I know this is a bummer for people hoping for the vegan option. The good thing is the powder is still offered here, which is vegan-friendly.
  4. Hopefully, The Golden Monk will continue to grow with the support of folks like you. The company does seem to be passionate about providing customers with what they want or need. I’m sure they will be expanding their options with time.

Powdered Kratom

Some people don’t know there are different strains of Kratom. You have access to all of them in powdered form on this site. There are subtle differences between each strain. They all generally fall into the following categories:

  • Fast
  • Moderate
  • Slow

A fast strain will likely make you feel energetic while a slow strain will likely make you feel calm. As you can probably imagine, the moderate has more of an in-between effect.

Choosing which one is going to work best for you is a personal experience. My recommendation is to try all of them to see where you fall. There are a few people out there who already know what issue they want to tackle. If you are feeling anxious, let that lead you when you decide which category you’ll try first.

Fast Strains

  • I’m going to share more about the strains you’ll find with The Golden Monk starting with Maeng Da Kratom. This is considered a fast strain that is quite popular.
  • You can find Green, Red, or even White Vein Maeng Da Kratom, and it’s a Thai product. This is a powerful strain that should have those energizing effects you are hoping for.

Moderate Strains

  • Some folks want something in between, and The Golden Monk has you covered, thanks to its Green Bali Kratom. This green vein Kratom offers you a small charge of energy that won’t overdo it.
  • The strain is for you if you want to feel in control even though you still have a full day ahead of you.
  • One reason I loved this specific strain is it made me feel good in social situations. It lifted those social constraints I feel that makes it hard to socialize.

The Red Indo Kratom is another strain worth mentioning. This strain makes you feel good when you need it. It’s an uplifting strain you’ll be happy to have on your side on those days when you feel a little blue.

Slow Strains

  • Everyone loves slow strains of Kratom, and The Golden Monk has some of those available. The Red Kratom is one of many great options out there, and you’ll be getting an exceptional one from this site. The Red Sumatra Kratom comes from West Indonesia. It is a prized Kratom option because it doesn’t grow abundantly.
  • This strain is for those looking for something that’ll help you on those days you don’t want to do anything. It’s slow, euphoric effects are exactly what I need every so often.

I’ve learned a lot about the different strains from the people at The Golden Monk. They are helpful when you are trying to learn more about each strain. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact this passionate team.

Passing the Requirement

I had a few requirements concerning the site I was going to recommend, and I want to share them with you.

The Extract Problem

  1. One thing that caught my attention as I searched for the right site is Kratom extracts. These popped up on many sites I visited, and they sounded good to me.
  2. The site would say how potent the Kratom content was because it was extracted. Some sites would even say that the Kratom was enhanced because it came in this form. The more I learned, the more understood why enthusiasts stayed away from this form of Kratom.
  3. One problem I found with Kratom extract is that it’s difficult to figure out your dosage. Taking it in this form might mess with your tolerance. No one wants that because it means you’ll need more Kratom to feel the same effects.

The Hype Issue

  • Another thing that bothered me was the hype. It seemed obvious that a site that over-hyped their products was a site to avoid.
  • These sites were attempting to hide that they had low-quality products. They used flattering language to make you think they had good Kratom. That’s something you won’t find with The Golden Monk.
  • The site tells you what you need to know about each Kratom strain, and that is all. I appreciated how straight forward the site was the more I checked out other sites.

Sadly, these sites could get Kratom in trouble with the law.

They promise health miracles and other benefits. This could force the country to impose regulations. If this happens, it could make it harder for everyone to get these products. You don’t want to support a company that does that.

There’s a lot of good here with The Golden Monk, and hopefully, this helps you see why I’ve chosen them as my supplier. I didn’t even mention everything. For example, the site has sales you can take advantage of. There are also promo discount codes you might get every so often if you sign up for their newsletter.

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