Best Buy Botanicals Kratom– A Kratom Vendor With A Commitment To Quality?

Do you feel exhausted after a long hunt for a reliable Kratom seller? Well, you are not alone in this. Many Kratom-heads nowadays seem to be on the same expedition. There are barely any sellers that offer the best quality, pricing, variety and deals altogether. If there is any vendor that seems to be meeting your demands, still some of your needs remain somehow unmet.

Meanwhile, a vendor named Best Buy Botanicals Kratom came into the industry and took only four years to win the hearts. What made it come this far? Has it got all that a good Kratom vendor takes? We can help you get your answers. All you need to do is, stick with us till the end!

About Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

Marking itself as one of the renowned Kratom vendors in as little as about four years, this brand established itself in 2015. It is a Virginia-based brand with impressive strains. It ships its inventory all across the U.S, wherever Kratom is legal. Moreover, the deals they offer over social media make people come to them like a moth to the fire. Unlike some other vendors, they share the details for their products.

They have premium quality Kratom to offer. Initially, they had limited stock, but now they have several Kratom products. Their products are always updated and hold not too much nor too little alkaloid content. Consequently, you get to have the desired results.

Best Buy Botanicals

Products At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

Being an up-to-date seller, it has almost all the strains available, including red, white, green and even yellow. They don’t even hesitate to offer these in bulk. Newbies also have samples to show, including Red MD, White Bali, Green Elephant, Red Sumatra and Green MD. Some of their strains are:

  • Super Green Malay
  • Red Bali
  • White Bali
  • Red Sumatra
  • Green Horn
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Bali
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Borneo
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Ketapang
  • Red Thai
  • Red Ketapang
  • Green Thai
  • Red Maeng Da

Alongside these regular strains, they also have special ones like Yellow Vietnam and Maeng Da Gold. This variety is available at discounted rates to those who buy in bulk and is formulated through unique processes. As this brand cares about newbies equally, they have simple strains like:

  • Red MD
  • Red Sumatra
  • Green Elephant
  • White Bali
  • Green MD

Best Selling Products At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

We discussed some of the strains they offer; however, they are not the best ones they offer. They have their focus on expanding their product range. On the one hand, people are head over heels in love with their Green Elephant and on the other, they like their Green Maeng Da. However, there is more to add to their best strains. Their vastly favored strains include:

  • Super Indo
  • White Borneo
  • Dragon Horn
  • Maeng Da Gold

Pricing At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

One of the biggest reasons for this vendor to be this likable is the price range. Not only are their prices generally economical, but the products tend to be even cheaper when available on sale. It is among the best qualities of a vendor to sell quality at reasonable prices. You can get your hands on their 100 grams of Kratom for $17. Furthermore, their sample pack is sold for 18 bucks. When on sale, you can get their 1 kilo split for $77. For your better understanding, below are their average prices:

Sizes                          Prices

100g                          $15.50

250g                          $25.50

500g                          $42

1 kilo                         $68

1 kilo split                 $77

2 kilo split                 $125

4 kilo split                 $238

5 strain sample          $17

Their sample is packed in a zipped bag. This bag is transparent, and each sample is about 20 grams.

Coupons and Discounts At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

They offer coupons and discounts on and off besides other freebies. Not only this, but they also offer free shipping but only ship their products to the states in the U.S where Kratom is legal. To stay updated on their deals, you need to check their online platforms, like Facebook. These deals let you have $2 off the cost for what you are buying. To further assist their customers, they also offer a 10 percent discount if you pay through Zelle or CashApp.

Customer Service At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

It is not just super easy to get in touch with their staff but also, you can get your items refunded. You can contact them through email or their contact number, which is already mentioned on the website. Furthermore, for further assistance, they also have their address available on the website. This vendor does not bear the shipping cost for the items that demand a refund or return. This is so because they ensure that whatever they sell is up to the mark. People also say that they offer fast shipping.

Return Policy At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

They will ensure before granting a return or refund that the seal is still intact and the demand for a refund is valid. One of the reasons this brand has been acknowledged is that its strains are premium and potent. Customers have placed their reviews on several forums, and most thoughts favor their customer service, quality of products, and diversity of strains.

Privacy Policy At Best Buy Botanicals Kratom

To place your order online, you need to submit some personal information. This information also includes home address, contact number and email. This information is collected for the sake of record-keeping. For instance, it will be used to track your order, record your transactions with them, and analyze your favorite products. The information is collected only after the customer’s consent. As per the law of confidentiality set by the U.S about privacy maintenance, this vendor keeps your data confidential.

Best Buy Botanicals

Is It Worth It To Try Best Buy Botanicals Kratom?

By keeping in view the information about this brand, it seems like this vendor holds more positives than negatives. It is great to offer free shipping, affordable rates on high-quality and potent products, unique and exotic strains, easy access to them, and amazing customer care service. Furthermore, you can easily find them on social media, and they have an easy-to-navigate online platform. You can shop through them using cryptocurrency as well.

What does not seem appealing is that they don’t mention if they get their products lab tested, and also, they don’t share tidbits about the origin of their products. Moreover, some people say that some of their strains are not as commendable as others because they are short on potency. Also, FAQs on a website help people to get answers to their simple questions. With the availability of FAQs, customers don’t have to spend time getting their solutions from the vendor. Unfortunately, the FAQ page is not available on their website.

Bottom Line

Finally, going through the shared information, we can say that overall, this brand is good to go. Not only do they have multiple strains to choose from, but their strains are also potent. Their affordability is also an impressive part. They also serve newbies equally by offering the samples and by providing simple strains as well. However, the lack of information like the origin of their stock and whether their products go through lab testing make it appear shady. Still, going through reviews, their products don’t seem to be a bad choice.

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