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Atlas Kratom is a brick-and-mortar shop located in Hollister; the website doesn’t have much to say about the company. It’s a fact that their website has a stylish look, but it seems they have used a design template that doesn’t suit a Mitragyna Speciosa vendor. Mr. Kim Mercer owns this shop which is located in Hollister, Missouri. Mercer was a former drug addict who turned into a social worker.

He opened this shop intending to extend his social working skills to more individuals across different walks of life. This Mitragyna Speciosa store was an opportunity for people to use Ketum as a means of finding themselves. Though the website does not know much about the owner, it seems like he was aware of Biak long before it became common.

Not An Up To Date Website

The website of Atlas Kratom is just too basic; when you visit the website, you will feel that it is made to announce its presence in the world. On the website’s home page, the header has text written: “get a quote.” The page is built like a standard info page; the website doesn’t seem like one selling Ketum.

All the products they offer have a fixed price, but the prices change when there’s a promotion. The website asks potential customers to request a quote whenever they want to know the price of something they want to purchase. Also, keep in mind that their website isn’t updated doesn’t mean that they do not have anyone to satisfy the customer’s concerns. They do respond to the customers, and they do it quite quickly.

Atlas Kratom

Veins And Varieties At Atlas Kratom:

Unfortunately, one cannot get to know what strains and vein varieties of Mitragyna Speciosa this store offers. For getting information related to the products, one has to visit the website as they do not have any online shop. All they have on the website is a picture of their storefront, but you can easily tell what they sell from that picture.

Price Range At Atlas Kratom

Yes, it is a fact that they have not displayed the prices on their website, and because of this, most of the customers assume that their costs would be higher than most online vendors. Besides this, Atlas Kratom also probably doesn’t sell in large increments.

What Customers Say About Atlas Kratom?

Google has 36 reviews about it with a 4.2 overall star rating. Almost all of the reviews are excellent, and they are mostly about how the shop owner and their employees provide excellent services. The staff seems very knowledgeable and helps the customers in finding the right products for them.

Do they have Any Refund Policy?

Atlas Kratom doesn’t have a refund policy since they haven’t listed any on their website. Also, the purchases happen in person, so there is the least need for returns. But what almost no company returns are open products as they would not be able to re-sell them. They may welcome the customers with a refund.

Price Range For The Ketum Lovers

According to the customer reviews, the prices here are a bit higher. Though the customers claim that while charging a bit high for the products, they provide excellent customer service. Since the prices are not updated on the website, you would have to get a quote for what you want to purchase from them.  

Do They Have Coupon Codes?

Yes, customers can get discounts on their products by using the coupon codes. They have a coupon code, “Jesus Loves Me,” this code gets you an amazing discount on the whole order as you can save $10 off a $20 bag of Biak.

Shipping policy At Atlas Kratom:

The company does not have an e-commerce operation, so there is no shipping policy. The website has limited information available, and no such thing as shipping can be seen.

Are Customers Satisfied with Them?

Atlas Kratom seems to satisfy some of the customers while others feel they could do better. The fact that they are open every day is great, especially for the individuals who dearly love Mitragyna Speciosa; it is nice.

Are The Products Worth Buying?

Since the website has really limited information available on it, so for the people who prefer buying from the online stores, it is a big deal. However, the owner at Atlas Kratom is quite well-spoken and willing to provide help and guidance to patrons since there is a lack of information, so it can also be said that the company might be operating from a time when there was no trend of the e-commerce stores. Now, when there is a trend, the company should do better to make even more sales. Having product listing and prices mentioned is a great idea.

Can You Miss Up On Atlas Kratom?

Atlas Kratom is a brand worth trying because the owner has great intentions rather than just selling it for money. It’s a brand not to miss upon as most of the negative reviews about it are quite older. So if you are a beginner and looking for a Kratom vendor, feel comfortable making an order from here.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Buying from Altas Kratom:


  • A wide range of variety is offered
  • Products are amazingly fresh and high quality
  • Accepts alternative payment methods
  • Offer discounts for the Ketum lovers


  • Lack of transparency on the website
  • No AKA GMP participation
  • The website isn’t updated
  • Product listing is not available on the website
  • Have no policy for the returns
  • Products are not lab tested

Atlas Kratom


Altas Kratom is a great place to buy Ketum products if you are looking for some great experience. Though they only have an in-person shopping option, checking out their quality is a must if you are a Kratom lover. They work within the community they operate, but the customers who have tried their services are very happy about buying from them. If you are someone residing in Hollister, MO, then trying Atlas Kratom is worth it.

Recommendations from Where to Buy Kratom:

If you are looking for the best place to buy Kratom products, then choose Golden Monk, Sa Kratom, or Kratom Basket as they offer staggering services for the customer’s happiness. Products are high quality, and also rates are reasonable. If you are a Kratom lover and looking for the best online store to order from, then trying what they are offering is a must for you.

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