American Kratom – Not Enough To Keep You Coming Back

I will be happy to share my experience with American Kratom and how it went for me in trying this product. I have not been a user of kratom for that long. Someone told me about them using kratom to get help with their sleep and this made me look up kratom online to learn more about it. I have never heard about kratom before this person told me about it. I was intrigued and had to learn about this natural supplement that people were talking about. I have been having some issues including sleep so it was interesting to hear about kratom and what it could do.

Looking Around At First And Found American Kratom

I went to my store that I get most of my herbal supplement supply from and they did not have any kratom there for me. I was surprised by this and they usually do not let me down. There is usually a lot of stuff there that I take and that I can find. So when I did not find the kratom I went to another store near my house for herbal supplements and natural products.

They too did not have the kratom for me. I went home then and went to the computer and started looking online. That is when I found out about kratom suppliers that I might be able to order from. The first place that I tried was not American Kratom, it was another supplier.

american kratom

There are many different places to get kratom from if you are out there and you are looking to buy it. It is very easy to buy and find the kratom online and get it ordered right to your front door whenever you want. This is what I love about online shopping. After I ordered kratom online I told my friend that it was working for me. This is even though I have not been taking the kratom for very long now.

Only 3 Weeks Of Kratom Use For Me

I have only been using kratom for less than one month overall but I can tell a difference. It might just be in my mind and I am making myself feel this way but I really do feel like there is a difference being made and that I am getting a good value from the kratom. After I ordered some powder online I heard from a friend about American Kratom and they got some for me.

I tried to order online but it is not that easy with American Kratom because they are specific with wholesale for kratom products. This means that you cannot order the kratom items easily online like you would be able to do with other kratom companies. This is what I do not like about American Kratom. This makes them get a D in my letter grade for review as far as how easy it is to buy.

If you are new to kratom and hear about American Kratom and you go online to try it and you cannot buy easily then what? You cannot get some American Kratom items when you want to try it. That means that it is not easy to access the products and the company because you will need to do more digging in order to find it. That was not a good thing for me and that is why the low review for being easy to find in my books. There are other places that make it so much easier to buy kratom. I would go looking at another website first to buy some with.

Trying American Kratom

  • A friend gave me a small sample of some American Kratom and it was not the best that I have ever had in my life before. This is for two reasons that I can share with you.
  • It did not seem that high quality and I have had top quality kratom many times over. This was not the worst sample but it was not the best for me either.
  •  The smell was not the freshest smell of kratom for me.

american kratom effects

There are some things that I really do like about this company though and they are things like the packaging for the kratom products. I like the American Kratom capsules that they are selling and the packaging really grabs your attention. You can see clearly that this is American Kratom company with the American flag logo that they have. This is a very popular brand for people who get kratom but it was not the first one that I tried for kratom and it will not be the last one that I try either when looking for kratom. They did not give me the best option for ordering or finding a good enough kratom item or supply for capsules so I went looking elsewhere.

American Kratom claims that their products like the kratom capsules are being made with 100% organic ingredients, coming from pure wild-crafted trees that are allegedly grown in Thailand in some remote jungle. This sounds very interesting but I would not say that this was the best quality from a company with supposed organic ingredients.

I have ordered before from companies that make this claim and the kratom capsules that I got in my package turned out to be a different experience altogether. I would say that the kratom powder in the capsules that I had tried from American Kratom were not the worst capsules that I have ever seen or had. I have had better kratom though and that is how I know to tell the difference.

What I Like The Least About American Kratom

Finding the company online and their products to order is not that easy as it is for some but it can be done. Once you find their website then you can see the different kratom items that they sell and you can see the different packages for capsules with kratom. It is not clear what the prices are because again they are giving it to other distributors. This is not going to be the easiest place for you to buy your kratom from.

I would say go somewhere else if you want to buy kratom but that is only my opinion and based on my own preferences and experiences. You might like the look of the logo and branding etc, you might prefer these capsules above anything else out there. But you cannot know that until you try American Kratom for yourself. I would say that it is at least worth trying, especially for people who like kratom and trying different kinds of kratom products as I do.

You Can Try More Than One

Branching out and trying new kratom can help you find something that might be even better. You never know if you are taking the best one that you might love when you are limiting yourself and only ordering from one spot. I have learned in recent years that by experimenting with new products, like looking for kratom from different kratom companies, then I am going to increase my chances of finding something truly great.

Testing Out More Than One Kratom Company

Many times I have been able to find some good products by simply trying alternatives that competitors are offering. This is the case with many different items, even your basic chicken sandwich. I love chicken sandwiches but why stick with just one restaurant that makes them? You could be missing out on the best chicken sandwich that you never tried before. So that is the same thing with kratom. You might like your favorite kratom company now but what if American Kratom is better? Or maybe there is something else out there.

american kratom benefits

You never know unless you try it. American Kratom is at least worth the effort in trying it. There are other kratom companies that have been worse than I have tried so with this one I would say that at least you are not wasting your money.

It Is Not All Bad News For American Kratom In This Review

I like the packaging on this one and I like the name of the company, American Kratom, but that is not enough to keep me coming back. The sample of kratom capsules that my friend gave me I did not finish them. I did not like them enough to finish and I had a better sample of kratom to go with. I have ordered from another kratom supplier so I thought why to go with this low quality when I have something else right here and right now that I can go with.

The kratom I have been taking has made an impact with me already and I will keep taking the 5 grams a day that I am taking and hope to make my way up slowly to add more in. I know there are some who take more than 30 grams a day and I am nowhere near close to that right now. I like the capsules because they are easy to take and have made it easy for me to try experimenting with kratom on my own. If you want to know what American Kratom is like I would say they are worth a try but if you want the best for your money then go somewhere else, with higher quality and easier access for ordering online.

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