Amazing Botanicals – A Top Notch Brand In Kratom Industry

Amazing Botanicals started back in 2016, though not operating for quite a long time, but the span is decent enough to say that it is an authentic and affordable online vendor. The headquarter of the company is in Hollywood, Florida.

They operate online only, though they make quite a good impression on the customers with their online shop (website). The website is easy to browse and has different tabs for the products.

Full Range of Kratom Products

They offer a full range of Ketum products, they have all the vein varieties and strains available. No matter what you need, they have it for you in different forms (liquid, pills and powder).

Do you know Kratom cigarettes are also available and they are sold by Amazing Botanicals? Since they are not sold by all the vendors so if you need it, then you can make an order from them.


Amazing Botanicals

Kratom Powder

Amazing Botanicals has five major strains as powder. Within each major strain, there are multiple products which they offer like within the gold strain, you can buy gold Maeng Da, Gold reserve Mitragyna Speciosa and much more. Below are the Kratom strains offered in powdered form:

  •       Red Vein Kratom
  •       White Vein Kratom
  •       Green Vein Kratom
  •       Yellow Vein Kratom
  •       Golden Vein Kratom

Capsule Form Strains of Kratom:

There are a lot of people who consider taking capsules more easy, so for all those, there is a good news and that is Kratom is also available in the form of capsules. Consuming capsules are easy and they also save time as compared to taking the powder as in the capsules you don’t have to measure the quantity etc. Amazing Botanicals have every type of Mitragyna Speciosa available in the form of capsule which they do have in powder. The following are the strains available in capsule form:

  •       Yellow
  •       White
  •       Red
  •       Green
  •       Gold

Lab Tested and Safe to Use Products:

The products offered by Amazing Botanicals are rigorously tested in a state of the art laboratory to make sure that the products are pure, fresh and organic. They test the products in order to be sure if there are any contaminants/adulterants in the products. This is what makes this website a perfect fit for those who are looking forward to buying the Kratom products. Buying untested products can cause side effects like nausea and wobbles etc.

Different Prices for Different Serving Sizes:

Amazing Botanicals offer amazing quality products, but reasonably priced. They claim to be the most easily affordable Kratom Vendor with quality products and that’s true. The customers who have shopped from here says that the price for the products is worth it. The prices start from $5.99 per 30g. Though they have powder available in different serving sizes and the prices are according to the weight. The price of the capsule starts from $5.99.

What Do Customers Say About Amazing Botanicals?

Though this brand does not have a lot of reviews on the website, but the reviews they have are good. If you want to know what the users say about them then go to as they have over 2,000 reviews on this platform. The reviews about Kratom products of Amazing Botanicals on Reddit are average.


Amazing Botanicals Says “NO” To Coupon Codes:

Yes, you have heard it right that Amazing Botanicals says a big “NO” to the coupon codes, they even do not have these for even the third party sites. Though, they have deals for individuals who buy in kilos, extracts, and Kratom-hemp combo packages.

 Are The Products Worth Your Money?

Amazing Botanicals has a wide range of classy products, it’s true. But what makes buying from them worth it actually is that they have amazing refund and exchange policies for the unsatisfied customers.

What’s better than getting a return? Nothing! Right? So here at Amazing Botanicals you have the facility to get the funds refunded. For its beloved customers, they have a pretty robust return system. If you want to make a return, go to the website, click on their “returns center” link and then add in your order number. Besides the refund policy, exchanges are allowed for specific variants. Damaged products can be fully refunded within the duration of 7 days while the returns must be made within 30 days.

Mind-boggling Delivery Services:

Amazing Botanicals have mind-boggling and quick delivery services. They offer priority mail, express shipping and USPS first-class services, they are available for the services from Monday to Friday. Their shipping rates are calculated at the checkout, the timespan for the delivery depends on what payment method you are choosing. ACH or eCheck payment methods take time, but once the payment is cleared the products are delivered.

Is Amazing Botanicals trustable?

The team at Amazing Botanicals goes to the utmost lengths to ensure that the quality of their products meets the standards. The vendor is extremely confident about the products they have on the shelves. Therefore, they guarantee the quality of their products by giving you a 30-day return policy.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can return it and get your money back. In case of a wrong order delivered to your place or if the product delivered is damaged, the vendor offers replacement and even return. This not only helps in gaining the trust of the customers but also lets you buy your Kratom products without any worry or second thoughts about the quality or the products.

Amazing Botanicals

 Why Amazing Botanicals only?

When it comes to the Mitragyna Speciosa products, Amazing Botanicals is considered as a top-notch seller. There are many online vendors for Kratom products, but Amazing Botanicals do not even stand among the crowd with them because of its quality services and products. The ordering process is easy and hassle-free, blogs are updated and delivery takes the shortest time span.

The website is full of information that the buyers need to know about the product, before making a purchase. Prices are also reasonable as compared to most of the online Ketom vendors while the quality isn’t compromised. The company operates with the aim to provide outstanding services and quality products to win the heart of the customers. Though by providing their best, they have won many hearts in a very short time span.


There’s not a lot of chatter out there about Amazing Botanicals, but the stuff that is available is mostly positive. Though the customer reviews are mixed based on their experience with the services. But for individuals looking for Ketum products and have no idea from where to buy then it’s a great choice.

They offer the beloved customers with an amazing list of strain options, quantities and kinds. The price points are fairly consistent; you can make a hassle-free purchase anytime unless it’s not a public holiday. If you are new to the world of Kratom and you don’t know from where to buy quality products, then give this amazing online vendor a try. The products they offer are quite cheap and the quality is expected to be reasonable.

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