7ohm Offers Good Prices And Good Strains For kratom

7ohm is a kratom store that sells high-quality kratom and there is a very good price for it. However, they are not my favorite kratom options out there. I have ordered from a few different kratom places and one of the places I was lucky to try was 7ohm. There is a lot of information out there about 7ohm but finding new products to buy is not always easy. There is an order form that you are expected to use and fill out when you want to place your order and I am not used to ordering like that. I want things to be a lot different when I place an order and go shopping online.

What do I mean?

I mean that whenever I go online and go shopping I want to be able to pull up the company site easily. Within seconds I want to be on the home site and seeing a variety of offers. This is where I can find out about deals, new products, see things to buy. I want to click on what I want and have it go into a basket, virtual basket, and then I can checkout with that basket or cart and buy it.


I want to be able to buy it easily with whatever payment option I have which is a credit card mostly. Alternative payment options are always a good score. But that is the basic way that I want my shopping experience to go especially with kratom too. That is not how it was for me when I tried to find some things from 7ohm.

What happened when ordering with 7ohm?

Things were a lot different and the website with their items was a lot different too. I think they are in the business of offering quality goods though so I would say that they should improve their website and user experience. I want to have a better time when I am buying my kratom and this was not the best time for me.

I love buying kratom when I go looking for new kratom items and this was a more difficult time for me to find something. Eventually, though I did land on something and was able to make my purchase. As I said, I think they are quality and worth checking out but I do not have them as my top choice right now for where I would spend my money first.

What are 7ohm selling?

I found many different options for kratom items on their website.

  • Golden Kratom,
  • Maeng Da (Jong Kong)
  •  Golden Kratom
  • Jong Kong (balanced-fast)(Jong Kong)
  •  Red Kratom Elephant (Ketapang)
  • Green Kratom Vein (Ketapang)
  •  White Gucci – jong kong
  • Green Vietnam – Sumatra (balanced)
  • Brown – Pontianak (slow, pure red)

7ohm Prices

  •  $5 for 20 GRAMS
  •  $20 100 for GRAMS
  •  $30 250 for GRAMS
  •  $55 500 for GRAMS
  • $95 for 1,000 GRAMS

These are some good prices and good options for kratom. If you have or have not tried these before then maybe you have not tried this sort of quality from 7ohm but it is worth trying I would say. As far as what company might be best though I have my other favorites for kratom and I would go with them instead.

After I ordered at 7ohm, what happened?

I placed my order for the kratom that I wanted and I did not have to wait for long for it to get here. It got here in less than 5 days and that to me is not that bad. I have had some worse times in ordering online. I will tell you that this was a great experience in how fast that I got it because I liked that it got here in less than a week. Sometimes I have ordered and yes it did take me a week if you can believe it.

7ohm products

You would think that we were way too far ahead in advanced civilization for a 1-week delivery to take place but yes folks that have been my fate. However, things have changed when I found other kratom suppliers that are much faster. I am talking able to get to me in 2 days flat. That is why I go to them. With this one, paying for the goods was not easy either.

I was not able to simply add some products to my cart and then go to any checkout. It was not like that. Also, I could not see images right next to what I was buying so really I had no clue. I like to see the image of what it is that I am buying. There are several kratom websites that will do this and show you what you are getting. There are high-quality images of the kratom and kratom products that are being sold.

It could be powder, liquid, soap, extracts, a variety pack, whatever, but there are photos. I do not know how anyone today is in the business of selling kratom but they are not putting up good photos for the customers to see. That is one thing I would say they need to change.

Give Us Photos Of The Kratom

Improve the website for the customer and make it a lot better by clicking on what we want and putting it into the cart. I want to see photos preferably so that I can see whatever it is that I am buying. This makes me feel a lot more comfortable about whatever I am getting online.

I was able to find the strain list from this company and see what they had but to be honest it all seemed rather ghetto to me. I would not go with this company because of the low quality feel to the experience in buying. This has no reflection on the product though because that was great for me. This is why the website needs improvement, get it up to the same quality as the kratom being sold. The kratom being sold is top-notch.

I would order kratom again with 7ohm if?

I would order from here again only if I could find nothing else around for kratom. That is not really saying much is it? I do not know what to tell you. I mean the kratom itself was top quality some of the best that I have had honestly. The prices were not that bad either I would say some of the cheapest prices around for kratom. But I do not want to go through that experience again on the website with ordering. I did not like how difficult it was to order what I needed.

7ohm bebefits

I have been taking kratom for a while now and I really like what I am seeing from taking it. I am glad that I did not get scared away from people who worried me that maybe I should not try it. I like that it is natural and there is a history surrounding it. I look for businesses that are using good practices in harvesting. I want transparency in business when I shop and order online.

I like a business to have a good website up and running to serve me and one that was a lot better than this. This is something that is an easy fix though. But as soon as you would see this site you would know exactly what I am talking about. Go find it for yourself and take a look. In fact, buy some kratom entirely and see how easy it is for you. Then you will know what I am telling you, what I am talking about.

I am not being dramatic here, it was not easy for me. Not that I am foolish but I just want things to be simple, especially when I am just buying a product online like kratom. There is no need for things to get complicated ever. This company is one making quality kratom I will give 7ohm that but that is as far as I will go.

7ohm effects

I do not hold them in my top recommendations for kratom companies, there is just no way. I would say that as far as the quality of the product goes then yes maybe they are in my top 5 for kratom vendors as far as ingredients and quality. But there is so much more that I am looking for when I buy my kratom.

I want a fast and easy buying experience. The shipping with this company was fast and the prices were great but I cannot get over how difficult ordering and finding what I wanted was. This is what will keep me away and keep me going to look somewhere else for my kratom. I do not want to go through this buying experience again because it is not what I am used to for buying kratom or anything else for that matter. It needs to be simplified and until then I will stay away from ordering from 7ohm if I can and go elsewhere.

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